I came across an article on the internet whilst doing research, I just had to share some of it with other like-minded Pet Owners.

~~ “Animal shelters are stressful environments for dogs, and so anything that helps them to be less stressed is beneficial.” ~~

Scent Enrichment apparently works well for Dogs in shelters, it has showed a Reduction in their Vocalisations and Increased Species-Specific Behaviour and Slept Better.  The article mentioned using Cotton Cloths scented with Ginger, Coconut, Vanilla or Valerian which are then placed in the environments surrounding the Dogs, when the scented cloths were present, Dogs Vocalized Less, and since Barking, Whining etc. can be signs of Stress, this suggests they were Calmer and it was found and confirmed that the response after being exposed to such scents always gave Positive Enrichment and Mental Health Benefits to the animal.

“Enrichment” means adding things to the animal’s environment that are designed to improve welfare. Enrichment can support this Positive Mental Welfare and Encourages Natural Behaviours in any Animals and it is well-know that animals with Good Mental Health will Engage with their Environment more, be Less Aggressive, Less Fearful and are More Peaceful, they are more Exploratory and At Ease with their surroundings.

Since shelter Dogs spend a large part of their day in kennels, so Enrichment is vital to improve their welfare. They use of smells of Coconut, Vanilla, Ginger, and other similar aromas because they are Safe plus the scent has also been found to be Beneficial for most other animals, such as  Rabbits, Cats and Rats.

pot pourri

We have personally seen the difference Scented products can make to both Dogs and Cats after friends and customers have taken our help and advice, they trial a sample of various products giving feedback to us either in person at our stall or via email, saying that their pets behaviour changed causing Decreased Boredom, Encouraged Learning and Reduced Abnormal Behaviour.

I will say NOW that not ALL animals behave and react to Scented Products the same way. We would recommend a trial to see if your Pet likes a specific scent before proceeding further, but to date I have not received any adverse reactions to our help, scent suggestions or advice.

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