How to Perform a Smudging Ritual.

Before You Begin the Smudging Ceremony, tidying your house prior to a ceremony and allowing enough space and time for the ritual is essential so you don’t feel rushed.

Remember when performing a “Space Clearing” Smudging Ritual, why you are doing it is key. Before you start, Meditation for at least five minutes to calm your mind and spirit is a great practise, take some time to contemplate what your wishes, reasons for the ritual and what the intentions are for your home and family. When you “Clear Your House”, there’s a vacuum space created, then after the ceremony you need to “Welcome your New Wishes” into the newly cleared and open space.

Now that you have all your Tools and Preparations in place, you can begin the Smudging Ritual.

A Home or Open Space

  • Start at the Front Door of the home or the outer most edge of an area and light your Candle then the burning material of your choice.
  • Begin to move around the home or area, moving mindfully and with care, Walking Clockwise around the entire perimeter of the home or space. Be sure to allow the smoke to drift into even the hidden spaces, like Inside Closets, Basements and Dark Corners.
  • If there are Stairs, move over them as you come around to them.
  • Keep moving Clockwise until you Complete All Rooms Upstairs and returned to the main floor.

If you feel comfortable then it is also helpful to “Chant A Mantra or Prayer”. This is done to aid Concentration and Focusing during a ceremony, it is also a way to fill the space with more “Cleansing Vibrations”.

Moving around a home or space like this is called “Circumambulation”. This is a practice that’s been done for Centuries in Ancient Cultures to make an area more Sacred.


Smudging A Person.

In order to perform a Smudging Ceremony around a person, it is best, yet obvious but seldom done, to gain the acceptance of the “Smudgee”. They must also prepare for the Ceremony by meditating prior to the ritual.

Smudging a person is easy, start at the front of the body, moving down from head to feet then whilst moving around the Smudgee, in a clockwise direction, repeat the technique on each side then at the end, together repeat a Mantra, prayer or a Wish containing the reasons for performing the ritual.

Closing the Ceremony

When you have completed the ritual on a Home, Space or Person, it is time to chant your final Mantra, Prayer, or a Wish. During this time you should “Visualize the Entire Home, Space or Person being filled with Bright White Sunlight” and speak out loud “your wishes” then close the Smudging Ceremony, calmly and slowly.

After the Ceremony, it is advisable for you to extinguish any Candles, allow all Smudges, Woods, Incense, and any other items to cool and stop burning before putting them away safely and secure. Whilst waiting for the equipment to cool it is an opportunity to take time out for yourself as well as any “Smudgee” and meditate, listen to music, or simply burn any soothing Incense to ensure a calm and restful environment.



Sample of Mantra or Prayer.

Cleanse this space, remove the past, I’ve found my happiness at last.

Fill this space with Joy and love, Send Your Blessings from Above.


Negativity of this my sacred space, I banish you by the light of my grace, You have no hold or power here, I stand and face you with no fear, Be gone forever you will obey, From my sacred space you must away.

At Scented and more, we pride ourselves with our knowledge and understanding of the Smudging Ritual and are always willing to help others.


Please note that we DO NOT SELL OR ADVOCATE the use of Abalone Sea Shell as a container to catch ash etc during any Smudging Ceremony. This shell belongs to an ENDANGERED SPECIES OF ANIMAL, not very Authentic plus there are better alternatives avaliable – DON’T BUY THEM. For more details read the article on this website.