Frankincense comes from a tree, it is a small, scrubby, rather unsightly, tree that grows in the wilds of Yemen and Somalia.
   It produces small yellow- white coloured flowers with five petals that are a favourite among bees?   It's said the best quality resin comes from trees just out of the reach of monsoon rains where ideal average rainfall is less than 4 inches annually.

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* Frankincense Essential Oil Proves to be Anti-Cancerous.
* Frankincense (Boswellia carteri) trees were considered extremely                   valuable during  ancient times.
 * It was used as a general cure-all for ill health.

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* The modern world is encroaching on these ancient trees.

 * They are often found in war-torn areas where it is getting more and more difficult to obtain high quality resins which means We could be without frankincense soon; these ancient givers of healing could have their days numbered.

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  • Frankincense is highly fragrant and it is often used in soaps, oils, deodorant, scents and other products. It is considered to contain healing properties, being used to treat respiratory, skin, joint and muscular conditions, as well as being used for meditative and spiritual rituals.
    * There is a difference in the colour between male and female Frankincense Tree resins, and anyone caught with the female resin during ancient times lost a hand as punishment.                                                                                                                      *  The resin and oil have a woody, spicy and slightly sweet aroma and blends well with all citrus and spice oils and has long                   been considered precious and valuable.                                                                                                                                 * It begins as a milky-white sticky liquid that flows from the trunk of the tree; it is then distilled by steam to extract it     precious essential oil.
        *  In ancient times, high quality resin was reserved only for the Kings and Queens.

         DID YOU KNOW ?                                            
* This Essential Oil is famed from the Biblical story about baby Jesus       receives gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh from the Magi.
* It was also an ingredient in the sacred Incense and holy anointing oil   of the Israelites.
* Treasured for centuries, it was burnt as the Original Incense offering to the gods and used by many cultures to treat almost all known ailments.