This TREE has been used as an Incense in the Kabbalah or Classical Jewish religion since Ancient Times as it adds a natural potency to any ritual.  Today, it is a native of the Canary Islands, Madeira, the Cape Verde Islands, and the Atlas Mountains in Morocco where during the Spanish Conquest of Morocco, Dragon Trees were over-harvested so nowadays they are very scarce and therefore now protected.

* The resin from these trees was harvested for mummification in Ancient Times.

* They made shields of its bark, coloured their hair red with its leaves, and hollowed out dead trees for beehives.

*  Dragon's Blood is a red Resin that is removed from the truck of a tree.

*  Incense that is sold as "Dragon's Blood" contains both the resin and its bark.The scent of burning Dragon's Blood varies due to the type of plant from which it was harvested, along with the type and quantity of impurities it may contain. 

In its many forms like Incense, Smudge Stick,Powder, Resin or just as sticks, chips and logs of wood.

*  Dragon’s Blood is traditionally burned for Love and Protection.
Some Natural handmade Incense Powder blends can give a greater energy be used to drive Evil and Negativity away.      

* Some poorly made Incense produces an Unpleasant Tar Odour instead of a "Sweet Smell and Uplifting Aroma" because the ingredients include Chemicals and cheap alternatives to "Natural & Pure Wood and Resins"                                          

* Burning Dragon Blood oil increases its astringent and medicinal properties.