Did You Know …? The sense of smell is the most basic. . .

                      The sense of smell is the most basic and primitive of all our senses, it’s a vital function for the appreciation of aroma.

                           Age-related loss of smell is linked to  race, African-Americans and Hispanics experience loss of smell earlier than Caucasians.

                    For our prehistoric ancestors, smell was equally as important as vision in the battle  for survival, since certain odours such as smoke                                                                                 and rotting flesh would often signal danger.

                      Without the Sense of Smell, humans would not have survived the evolutionary process. You Can Smell Feelings of Fear through Sweat.

                                                                                                       DID YOU KNOW …?
               Our Sense of Smell is so Powerful and Dynamic that it can easily shift our mood and feelings dramatically, BUT the Sense of Smell is now                                                        Repressed and Controlled because we mainly judge the world through our Eyes and Ears.
                                                Smell is Still Very Important to Us.   Women have a better sense of smell than men.

Smells can have a powerful effect on the mind and when smelling a fragrance, the brain changes its chemistry, and this affects our Emotions and Moods. Like fingerprints, every person has their own distinct odour.

Smelling is incredibly complicated; it happens in several areas of the brain. When an odour enters our nose, it is identified by different Receptors which now send a Message to the Brain Via a nerve releasing Neurochemicals such as Noradrenaline and Serotonin into the bloodstream. Scent Cells Are Renewed Every 30 To 60 Days.


Scientists have discovered that the Human Brain can easily identify subtle differences between thousands of odours and it has also been proven that the Sense of Smell is used in some Supermarkets to encourage customers to spend more money by using special formulated Aromas being released such as fresh baked bread, food being cooked with highly aromatic ingredients like garlic.
Many Plants, Trees and Flowers have the Natural Ability to fight emotions such as Depression, Grief, Inability to Sleep, Aggression Plus being helpful during Meditation and Relaxation. Aromatherapy is a perfect example of this treatment that has been known since Ancient Times.

Scent, Sense and Animals: A Shark can scent blood from well over 6 kilometres away. Even a Single Cell Animal has ways to detect the chemical composition of the environment.

White tail deer have an amazing sense of smell, which is why it is critically important for hunters to do everything they can to minimize their scent.

Elephants have a keen nose.  A new study tests their ability to distinguish between similar smelling plants. It is true that elephants can smell. They have more smell receptors than any mammal – including dogs – and can sniff out food that is several miles away. Dogs have nearly 44 times More Scent Cells than Humans.