Energy Healing For Animals

Energy Healing has been proven to assist more mature pets and can give them a better quality of life. When we have to let our best friends go, especially when they have been with us for a long time, we therefore owe it to them to help them through this stressful time by using gentle and non-drug lead healing experiences.

Energy Healing can :-  Help improve behaviour problems and communication issues. It also Improves bonding between caretaker and pets. promoting harmony living within family and other pets.

It could also Promoted Relaxation and Rejuvenation for sick and healthy pet improving and speed up muscular discomfort and ligament problems as well as healing immune system related symptoms, Improving stomach digestion and improve gastroenterology systems by Reducing Stress problems and their related physiological symptoms.

Energy Healing can :- Before or after surgery to cleanse and balance energy especially with Senior pets improving chi flow, soften limbs and joints stiffness together with Helping smooth the transition for terminated dying pets.

                                                                                            Everything is made up of Energy.

Energy can be refer to "chi",  "ki" or "halo". Such as used in Feng Shul that has Positive and Negative energy. Energy cannot be destroyed but can be Transferred.

Emotions are also a form of Energy, when we take in TOO much Unbalance Energy such as Fear, Doubt, Anger, Judgment, Criticism, Blame, Lack of Love etc., makes us out of Balance.                          

Prolonged periods of Suffering those Unbalance Energy times can affect EVERYONE including our Animal Companions and can lead to Behaviour Problems and Diseases. In the wild, Animals have the natural abilities to look for remedies to heal themselves when their energies field fall out of balance.  They know how to rest their body for self-healing to take place.

Animal Companions that live in city life have lost their Natural Instinct due to lack of connect with the Mother Nature.  They live with humans too closely and many times absorb the Negative Emotional or Dense Energy from People, other Animals and Environment. Your pet will be acting strangely because they are acting from a disconnected place, and not themselves as their Chakras are Out Of Balance.

The term “energy healing” refers to therapies in which the practitioner improves the flow of energy in an animal’s body. These are gentle and powerful therapies during which the healer sends subtle energy through his/her hands to promote physical as well as emotional balance and healing.

It works in a Non-physical way through the interconnectedness of Body, Mind and Spirit. It is the most Natural form of healing available. While conventional medicine operates on the belief that treatments for disease or injury should be strictly Biological, Energy Medicine involves Restoring The Patient’s Health by treating the Mind, Body And Spirit. Studies are proving that treating all three of these elements provides the best results, which means that energy healing has gone from an obscure curiosity to an integral part of leading edge therapy in traditional medicine. The idea that a universal energy field encompasses us all is becoming more widely accepted.

The hands-on healing therapy is good for many other body systems especially ones which help prevent diseases.  If we are able to use Hands-on therapy such as massage, this can be beneficial to stimulate blood circulation which can help with joint, muscle problems or just the onset of old age. Stress can lead to many physiological problems if no reduced and Energy Healing is a healthier way to deal with it than medication which sometimes just suppress the symptoms. We know how it feels when we recover from any surgery and we begin to feel better, so why not allow our furry friends to feel this way with the use of Energy Healing. We all know how it feels when we have tummy trouble so if we can help our pets feel better with Energy Healing must make sense.

“Energy healing include Reiki, Chakra Stones/Crystals, Smudging, Incense, Aromatic Oils, and many other products. Some of these have been performed around the world for Centuries. While modern science has somewhat overshadowed them, researchers have begun to discover the Measurable Therapeutic Values of these healing traditions. These values include Flushing Toxins, Releasing Endorphins, Relaxing Muscles, Increasing Circulation and Elevating Oxygen Levels, all of which also help promote Pain Relief and Regulate The Immune System, Balancing The Body and Supporting Self-Healing. Energy work is also beneficial for the end-of-life transition as it helps Calm And Relax animals, while healing Emotional Trauma and Pain”- by JENNIFER KACHNIC

 Energy Healing is corrected in various ways to clear away the negative energy. Healing is simple and safe for all kinds of Animals, from Mammals to Bird and even Fish.   Animals unlike human may have a Mental Block to Energy Healing, as they are Naturally Sensitive to Warmth, Scent and Touch which is comforting to Animals. ​​Healing is not only for illness, healing is to make whole again.

Healthy pets will benefit from energy healing as it helps to detox and rejuvenate the energy and body system.  Regular Cleansing using Smudge Sticks, Incense or Palo Santo wood and Healing using Crystals on Chakra points, Incense, Aromatic Oils, the use of a NON-Electrical Himalayan Salt Rocks will Prevent Illness and Strengthen Immune System.​​​​

                                                                                        ANIMALS ARE VERY SENSITIVE TO ENERGY 

Well-behaved animals are how we wish our  pets to be and the use of Healing can help them achieve this and it may also help them to let us know when they need our help.  When our pets have not been well, Energy Healing can really benefit them to return to the loving friends we knew.  The love and devotion we show our best pals can be re-enforced with the practise of Energy Healing. When the whole family are happy, healthy and all our energy levels are correct, it is magic! Our Pets need to relax within an environment of safety and this is more important when they are recovering from an illness.

“Dogs and other animals are extremely sensitive to environmental energies. That’s why it is so important to approach an animal with a calm demeanour, and to be mindful of the sounds around him. We may love to watch dramatic sports or political shows, but do we think about how they affect our dogs? The same is true of music. For example, the through A Dog’s Ear project was a valuable learning experience for me.

We tested calming music in homes, The concepts of resonance and entertainment form the basis for Energy Medicine such as Reiki, Use of Incense and many others. In Shelters And Veterinary Hospitals where over 70% of dogs are in kennel and 80% of Cats in Cattery settings and 80% in domestic homes were visibly calmer – many in all cases went to sleep easier when Energy Healing was used. I now understand the Healing Power Of Music and prescribe it for animals of all kinds. It is also played for our patients during their hospital stays”.- by Vet - SUSAN WAGNER. 

After a Healing Session your pet can expect to feel very Relaxed, Calm and Rejuvenated, although Animals will feel differently depending on their overall Mental Health & Body Condition. Some Animals are not able to be Touched and may not be receptive to Hand-On Treatment especially if the Animal has been abused and afraid of strangers. The great advantage of Energy Healing is that it can travel through space and time to reach a Person, a Pet, a Plant, or an Environment. This is why Incense, Oils and any Scented alternative products like Palo Santo Woods or Pine Smudge Stick are used for healing both on Humans and Pets.

Energy Healing does not replace traditional Veterinary care; however, it can help in several ways. Many studies have shown that when people used combination of both alternative Energy Healing and Medical Therapies their Pets achieved fast and mostly reliable results. Energy Healing focuses on strengthening and balancing your pet energy systems. All the healing products mentioned here will help your pet feeling more love, calmer and more peaceful, and that help to speed up recovery.