SMUDGE AWAY ~ * * ~ 2020 ~ * * ~ With the Correct Materials and Equipment

2020 has been a strange and difficult year for everyone BUT as it comes to an end, why not take the opportunity to Clear The Air, Neutralize All Those Negative Energies That Have Built Up During Lockdown, and Protect Those We Love By Laying Down A Positive ~ Encouraging ~ Cheerful Base on which to build a Better NEW YEAR.

Smudging rituals are a beautiful technique to clear a space. When Smudging a space or person, you burn Special Spiritual Plant Material and allow the smoke to fill, surround and purify the Environment or Person’s body.  As the Smoke Ascends, our Wishes and Intentions rise and mingle into the Universe, connecting Heaven, Earth, and Humanity.

Smoke offerings are found in many traditions such as Buddhism, Native American and other spiritual religions where they have been re-enacted for Centuries. The Smoke Ceremony creates Transformation and Blesses a Space, the Inhabitants and People.

Before you begin Smudging, take time to gather some Quality Materials and Equipment together then to ensure they are and remain Clean, Sacred and in Good Condition, you should keep them only for Space Clearing and store them safely on your shrine or altar in a linen bag.

There are many different materials and equipment which can be used for the Smudging Rituals. They vary from simple Incense stick or cones containing Special Spiritual Plant Materials which can be used and burnt on normal Ash Burners such as Towers or Long Smoke Boxes. These materials and equipment are ideal for the first timer or as an Introduction to Smudging/Cleansing.

For the more Adventurous and Advanced Users, Scented and more are proud to offer a varied selection of Smudge Sticks, Woods, Specialist Incense Sticks and Specific Equipment.

Smudge Stick ~  This stick is made up of a bunch or fist full of twigs, leaves and flowers bound together tightly with twine. The ingredients can be either a single product or a combination of two or more. A more ergonomic version and one which we find our best seller is, a Californian White Sage Torch. This smudge stick is made solely of Californian White Sage leaves which retain more of its twig or branch to form a ‘handle’ with which to hold the smudge whilst it is burning.

There are many different plant materials you can use for Smudging. Some common ones are Californian White Sage, Cedar, Lavender and Palo Santo, a tree from South America, that has a Sweet, Bright, and Lemony Aroma making it perfect for everyday use. Californian White Sage is probably the most common and popular herb for Smudging, it is associated with Purity and has a Strong and Heavy Presence making it useful for when you need a Major Space Cleansing.  Other herbs and trees used to smudge and purify are Copal Juniper, Sweet Grass, Mugwort, & Rosemary.

Specialist Incense Sticks ~ At Scented and more, we offer a wide variety of these Outstanding, Intense & Natural Incense stick from 2 of our fabulous Incense Manufacturers ~ Green Tree ‘Native Soul’ and Hari Darshan ‘Tribal Soul’. The packaging of these products are amazing, with sliding boxes and each box contains around 10-12 sticks decoratively wrapped including a coloured feather that is used to waft the smoke into the corners of rooms or over a person as the smoke rises from the lit Incense stick.

Woods ~  Palo Santo is the wood most favoured for Smudging and comes in many forms, Powder, Chips, Chunks, Sticks of varying thickness and lengths and even logs that can be used for larger outdoor rituals. NOTE: Palo Santo is a great material to burn outdoors as an Insect Repellent ~ especially on a coals at the end of a BBQ ~ it works great.

Specific Equipment ~ There are a number of items which can be used during the Smudging ritual. Initially you would need simple items:

  • Matches and a Tea Light or small Candle ~ These are used to light everything and a candle is best used to help a smudge stick remain lit throughout the whole of the ceremony. Smudge sticks vary in quality, thickness and content which affects how they burn, a candle is the best option and can remain lit itself for many hours, it can if you wish be a scented product which will add to the ambience and aroma of the ceremony.
  • Fireproof Container ~ It's useful to have a fireproof container, like a Small Clay Bowl or plate, to hold underneath the Smudge Stick or Wood to catch any ashes or embers.
  • Bowl of Sand ~ A bowl of sand is a must. It is used to extinguish the Smudge Stick or Wood safely after the ritual is complete.
  • Feather or Fan ~ They are used to waft the smoke produced by the burning materials. This smoke is what “Captures the Negative and Harmful Energy” which is then neutralised, defused, and ultimately eliminated. The procedure is to push the smoke into each corner of a room, cupboard, open space or over a person’s body from the head to the feet. These items are not necessarily essential but they can help Focus The Mind and the Overall Authentic Feeling surrounding the purpose of the Smudging Ritual. A simple alternative is to use your hand, but caution must be taken around flames and hot smudging items.
  • Linen Bag ~ This is useful to keep all Equipment and Materials clean, safe and secure till future rituals.

Juniper Smudge stick

Palo Santo Wood Sticks

Sweetgrass Brade

Califonian White Sage Torch

Clay Bowl

Small Ceramic Bowls

Linen Storage Bag

Feathers (coming soon )

Aromatic Oils

Native Soul Smudge Incense Sticks

Aromatic Oils

Tribal Soul Smudge   Incense Sticks


We have many more items avaliable at our "Smudge Items" & "Natural Incense Sticks/ Cones" section of our online shop