Is Incense Bad for Us?


Burning Incense is a daily ritual for most of us, making it is part of our life. Various types of incense are made with Aromatic Plants, Oils and Resins that emit Pleasant Aromas when used, BUT Unfortunately, some Incense is made using Compounds that produce Toxic Air Pollutants with various gases like Carbon Monoxide, Sulphur Dioxide, and Nitrogen Dioxide. 

                    They also contain Volatile Organic Compounds, such as Formaldehyde Benzene, Salt Peter and Styrene, which have long been                                     known for their Side Effects. Smouldering Incense produces Toxic Gas Pollutants, such as Ethylene Ammonia and Methanol which Are Harmful To Both People And Pets.    

                              The Chemicals and Gases like Carbon Monoxide, Sulphur Dioxide and many forms of Formaldehyde and Nitrogen                             are harmful for those who are suffering from asthma, as the TOXIC smoke can cause inflammation in the bronchial tubes and the same smoke can irritate your skin and eyes too.

BUT - It Depends What Goes into the Incense . . .

Certain materials and oils used to manufacture the Incense sticks do produce harmful compounds when they are burnt. ONLY Natural and Pure Incense is made using Healthy Ingredients, Resins and Essential Oil and is produced according to Ancient Principles and Procedures which helps to give them their amazing fragrances therefore making this Incense Traditional rather than following Commercial and Financial Constraints.
Incense is traditionally made by a family, covering many generations, and is developed to be used to Worship Deities in Temples, Workplaces and at Home, it was originally discovered by Western Travellers many years ago. It has been proven by science that it could help in the raising cases of COPD, Depression, Stress, and most modern day lifestyle caused ailments.

Natural & Pure Incense has been used since early times by all civilizations for its health benefits and properties and today we are still using their techniques and the same ingredients to produce useful and valuable Incense.

Scented and more Only Sell 100% Natural and Pure Incense which are made using Non- Toxic, Chemical Free Ingredients that have NO Side Effects. Our incense can help Everyone in a household including Our Pets, they can help Meditation, Relaxation, as an Aid To Sleep and as an Asset to those who suffer from Mental Illness.
                                                       SO WE BUY HARMFUL PRODUCTS - DON’T RISK IT !!

                ALWAYS choose Natural and Pure brands that don’t have added fillers or harmful ingredients to their Incense.

We have done so for many years and we have found them to be beneficial for our own Wellbeing and Mental Health plus Our much loved                  and much missed dogs were brought up around our Natural and Pure Incense since they were puppies and lived till they                                          were over 16 ½ years old !!! ~ if we trust Incense around our "boys", you should trust it for your family too . . .