Scents used to repel foul odours and ward off evil elements.

Egyptians drenching their Clothing, Wigs and Bodies with Scent. However, they shunned bathing as they believed that the opening of the pores that resulted from immersion in hot water was harmful to the health and would allow Diseases to enter the body.

The so-called Dark Ages saw a time when filth and stench were part of daily life in Europe, in both town and country. Lack of effective sanitation or plumbing, coupled with rising urban populations, inadequate nutrition resulting from insufficient food supplies, and low morale brought about by a corrupt feudal system, eventually led to conditions within which the Black Plague could flourish, though dubious methods were often employed to "cure" the Plague or other Diseases or Viruses. The crude understanding that "poisoned vapours" were a partial cause led to the use of Fragrant materials to Cleanse the air and Eliminate what was thought to be "The Stench Of Pestilence".

Neither Cleanliness nor Perfumes entered the daily regime of the typical citizen—oddly enough, it was also thought that bathing would actually increase one's risk of disease. People who worked in Perfume factories and Apothecaries which dispensed Fragrant materials were rarely struck with Plague. The volatile Essential Oils present in many perfumes offered one of the best forms of Disinfection.

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At Scented and more, we offer several Natural and Pure Products made from Mother Nature’s store cupboard. These products are avaliable in many forms from Incense to burn producing Aromatic Scented Smoke and Vapours, Aromatic Oils, Roll-on Perfumes, Wax Melts that can all be used on Diffusers and Oil Burners.

The fragrances which we offer are both Ethically and Sustainably sourced and we have a vast range of Aromas. These aromas and fragrances are clearly explained and we have offered greater detail plus explanations about all the products, how they are made and what you can expect to smell and get from each item we sell. This information is seldom found at other websites selling similar products who like to “cut and paste” the same information as is found elsewhere, but have taken the time and effort to research and pass on to our customers all relevant details so people can base a purchase on the best avaliable knowledge so as not to be disappointed with the Quality and Unique products we are so proud to offer.

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Some fragrances known to be used were Gum Arabic, Myrrh, Incense, Aloes, Sandalwood, Musk, the seed of Basil, Marjoram, dried Mint, Aloe Wood which were used in many different forms either to be Burnt, mixed with Essential Oils, Ground and placed in Pomanders or even used to Infuse Gloves and Handkerchiefs both of which were used to guard the mouth and nose when outside.

Many other combinations for Fumigating Households were done by washing walls and doors to keep out Evil and Foul scent around at the time of the Virus Out Brakes such as the Plague.

In summer:  "Cold Aromatics like Roses, Sandalwood, Rose-Water, Camphor lozenges that comfort the heart, and chilled Apples,"  and in winter, "Hot Aromatics like Aloe Wood, Amber or Nutmeg and Ginger" which were used as Tonics or Burnt in Diffusers. 

Since so many of these ingredients were expensive, the poorer classes employed less costly perfumes such as Frankincense, Marjoram, and Rosemary—the poorest were advised merely to Pray To God. The protective use of Scents to guard against Diseases or Viruses slowly evolved into a more socially complex utilization of Perfumes throughout Europe.

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In more modern times, routine General Cleaning and Disinfection is used and Disease transition is understood more.   

Cleaning is a process that removes visual dirt and contamination and many microorganisms. Warm water and detergent should be used and most of the time cleaning is effective at decontaminating the environment.

Disinfection is a process that reduces the number of germs to a level at which they are not harmful. It is only effective if surfaces and equipment have been cleaned thoroughly with detergent and water beforehand with Warm Water and Detergent BUT products such as Chlorine Releasing Agent, Hypochlorite Solution or Chlorine Dioxide solution are obviously CHEMICAL BASED even when diluted as per manufactures’ instructions. Many of these solutions will kill both Bacteria and Viruses but can also be CORROSIVE Some chlorine dioxide solutions do not need to be rinsed off surfaces. These chemicals do not smell pleasant and can cause more problems UNLIKE Natural and Pure Products made from Mother Nature’s store cupboard.

 It is believed that Disease and Viruses such as the Plague or now the Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, can lie dormant in victims bodies, homes, work areas etc for up to two weeks, which means several people could be infected by the same carrier before he or she even knows about the illness.

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A small sample of what we have to offer is:

SANDALWOOD - Sedative, Calming and an aid to Stress Relief. A muscle Relaxant and Soothing agent. Widely used as a room or mood fragrance which helps aid Meditation.

CINNAMON - Not only important for the body, but also for the mind to improve cognitive speed prevent certain cognitive disorders, increase brain function, boost concentration and focus, and even stimulate the growth of new neural pathways.

DRAGONS BLOOD(RESIN FROM THE DRACO TREE) - Dragons blood resin is the tree sap that dries on extraction, It is used to banish negative energy or unwanted entities. It is very potent and powerful.  Sprinkling the powder around your home and property creates a protection barrier.  Burning Dragon's Blood will drive away negativity and evil.

These fragrances and many more like them can be found listed within ALL our Brand Manufactures products across all the forms avaliable.  A Masala based Incense will contain many of the useful ingredients which are used to repel disease and viruses as well as making any environment smell pleasant and definitely improve your well-being.

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