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daffodil melts

All our melts are highly scented and long lasting to bring freshness to you home. Made with 100% Natural Soy Wax, they last longer and are more Eco friendly than traditional paraffin wax.

We aim to provide a balance of unique and traditional scents, all of which are selected by popular demand.

Products In This Category:

LUX jasmine meltsholly berry melt 2lux rose melt

These are products which we feel have come to the end of their popularity. We have many more lines that we would love to introduce to you and it is with some regret and after much deliberation that we have decided to remove the following products from our current catalogue.

 When these items are out of stock, we will be able to introduce new lines, keeping our range New, Interesting and Fresh plus we can continue to offer Affordable, Quality and Unique throughout our website.

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