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Scented and more would like to introduce you to the Brands, Products and Accessories we consider are the best Natural & Pure items available.  

We offer a range of amazing Alcohol-Free Aromatic Oils which are produced by 2 of our best-selling Incense Companies: Green Tree and Goloka so they are "Incense in a bottle"! "Simply a No- Brainer for us ".

Together with various Natural Wax products, Himalayan Bath Salt and many other different products.

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ALL our products are tested by ourselves and our loyal customers BEFORE we decide to buy products and join our current catalogue.

This commitment to NATURAL, Quality and Unique products is something we are proud of and has always been appreciated by our customers.

Try something a little different, these products are suitable to use for people with Breathing Problems or COPD because they are made from NATURAL and PURE Ingredients, they contain No Chemicals or Toxins.

Due to our ethical standards we WILL NEVER stock ANY PRODUCTS which either contain TOXIC AND HARMFUL Ingredients or ACCESSORIES that do not meet our pledge to buy "Fair Trade" items to support local artisans and would rather NOT buy a product than Lower Our Standards.