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 Daffodil Wax Melts 

bunch of daffodil flowersclip art lady with wax oil burnerDAFFODIL MELTS

               Beautifully Scented, Unique and Limited!!                                  

These melts are so unusual I haven’t seen them for sale anywhere else, including the internet!  BUT shush- they’re our secret!

A unique Wax melt with  Subtle Scent of spring daffodils, a truly beautiful​ scent which lingers in a room. The only other producer of a Daffodil Wax Melt is - Yankee Candle!! BUT they use Paraffin Wax which is made from Crude Oil!!        

Try something different which is Affordable, Quality and Unique.

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Remember:  Fragrance and Essential Oils COULD mark your burner if you don't keep it topped up with water! ~ Melts Don't Need Water; You only get one burn from an Oil ~ Melts Can Be Used Again And Again And Then Blended For Extra Aromas and when you are finished with a melt ~ It's easy to clean your burner.

HOWEVER, We do sell Oil for those of you who like them, but our selection are from 2 of our Incense Brands so we are confident that you will like LOVE our oils.           

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