Palo Santo ~ "Holy Wood", an amazing tree.

                                                                                                 WHAT IS PALO SANTO?
Palo Santo is a mystical tree that grows on the coast of South America. It is part of the citrus family and has a sweet aromatic notes of Pine, Mint, and a crisp citrus Lemon Fragrance, with a soft fragrance Woody Scent, that mingles brilliantly together making a perfect rich aroma.  The smell will bring peace and clarity to the moment along with good feelings, this tree has become a symbol of love and kindness.  It is known to bring Healing and Good Fortune when burned and is often used in Smudging and Cleansing Rituals.        

 When lit, the wood produces smoke which is used for Clearing Evil Spirits, Misfortune, or Negativity. It is said that this tradition has been an integral part of life for the Incas and continues to be to this day. Palo Santo is related to Frankincense, Myrrh and Copal Trees plus it has similar properties to Sage and Cedar.

When Palo Santo is alive and growing the Scent is totally devoid in the wood. In a life that usually lasts for around 80 years, it is only when the tree has been dead for 4-10 years does it begin to develop and create its exceptional special properties.  It has a grey bark and can grow to a height of around 5-6 meters. Its leaves are a mid-green and has small white flowers. The bark is stripped, and the wood shaved into very small pieces that can be used as Incense.

Spring Has Sprung . . . – Now comes Summer and those bugs . . .

 We have all missed Eating Outdoors, Entertaining and Socializing with friends around a BBQ or Clay Fire Pit with some food and drinks, BUT just as we say goodbye to Covid – 19, WE have to deal with another pest which can spoil enjoying our freedom – FLYING INSECTS, well we have the solution for these problems and it also has many other benefits at the same time . . . and it is not Citronella, which we also offer in cones.

Burning Palo Santo, in any of its forms, is known to have a variety of benefits to our everyday lives from Energy Healing to Repelling Insects.

Palo Santo, known as “Wood Of The Saints” is a Sacred Wood originating from a species of tree native to Peru and other parts of South America. Why not delight in the Beautiful Aroma and Uplifting Experience. So you can repel Insects while also benefiting your Mental Health, Immune System, and Positive Energy around you, try it and see for yourself – we did and now use it all the time.

You may already know that Palo Santo wood has many different amazing benefits and it has quickly become one of the most talked about Incense and Holistic Remedies of recent years.

As a product that has so many properties and uses, people can forget just how many benefits this sacred wood actually has. So we want to provide curious readers with some of these amazing benefits to using Palo Santo wood to try at home or on the go! While you are outside enjoying the day or evening with friends, keeping some Palo Santo burning around you will completely keep the Insects and Bugs away. It is an All-Natural and Spiritually Positive way to keep the Insects off.

We believe this is really important as Commercial bug repellents contain all kinds of Mystery Ingredients And Poisonous Additives that are Bad For Your Health and those around you, like Your Plants And Pets.                                                                                                              

It Clears Out Negative Energy

 Indigenous people of North and South America have been using Palo Santo for centuries, most commonly for clearing negative energy. This is a process that became known as “Smudging,” originating as a Native American Feng Shui practice to Clear Negative Energies.

With Anxiety and Depression at staggering rates and tension running high, Palo Santo and other natural incense and cleansing practices can be an amazing release and escape from the daily struggles.

It Relieves Stress & Promotes Positivity

 In this day and time, many of us are dealing with varying degrees of anxiety and depression. Palo Santo can help you feel more relaxed. The relaxing and calming scent of the wood has been assisted in combating anxiety and calming nerves for centuries. It’s not a long-term cure but can help you deal with the anxieties of everyday life and improve your current mood. In your home this product, in any form, will permeate your haven with it’s Amazing Fragrance and Positive Vibes. Used as a Smudge Stick to clear Unwanted Negativity, you can intensify the Positive Vibration at home to make your Environment feel like a place where it is easy to Relax and Shake off the stress of the day.

Palo Santo Oil can be used for treating Pain, Anxiety, and many other similar purposes such as being burnt on a burner and also you can mix a few drops into a small cup of water. Mix the cup up, and gently pour it over your arms and legs.

It’s an Amazing Insect Repellent

Palo Santo is a Natural Insect Repellent, effectively warding off Mosquitos, Flies, Gnats, Ants – you name it! It can be applied in a number of different ways: like Burning An Incense Stick, Applying Essential Oil to your skin, or by using Palo Santo Wood either burning it or how about sprinkle its chips on a BBQ towards the end of an evening with friends. When Palo Santo is burning, pests all buzz away! Our products are 100% Natural and Sustainably Sourced.

However, you don’t have to burn it to take advantage of its Insect Repelling properties… You can mix the Oil with a little water to thin it out, then just rub it on your skin!(always do a test patch first).

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    It’s An Excellent All-Natural Cleaner & an Amazing Air Freshener

    Many of us are now striving to use more Natural Products to clean our homes. Palo Santo has Antibacterial Properties, and when you mix some water with a few drops of Palo Santo Oil, you’ll have a safe to use, and all-natural household cleaner. Clean your Yoga mats, so you can smell Clean and Feel Grounded while you practice Yoga or Meditation.
    The most noticeable thing about Palo Santo is its scent. The Piney, Woodsy scent remains long after you’ve finished burning it. Our Palo Santo Oil is a great alternative to chemical laden air fresheners that you may usually use in your home. It’s also an All-Natural Incense, without Preservatives or Chemicals like in many popular and familiar types of Incense, Raw Wood or Oils. So treat yourself and your space with only the Highest Quality Products that are sustainably sourced as it also helps to neutralize other unwanted odours.
    At Scented and more we have many different Palo Santo products from Raw Wood Sticks, pots of Wood Chippings, Aroma Oils, Incense sticks and cones as well as two ranges of Smudging Incense stick – Green Tree’s Native Soul and Hari Darshan’s Tribal Soul.

                                                              All our Products are 100% Natural and Sustainably Sourced.

    ADVISE: Remember to be mindful of people with allergies or sensitivities to smoke, and ALWAYS use caution when lighting or burning away from home at the beach or picnics so as to prevent wildfires!