When I decided to write an article to help other Pet Lovers to understand that Alternative Wellbeing Practises can be                                                    applied equally well on Animals as they are on Humans. Lets explore what Animal Reiki is, how it is performed plus What the                                             benefits of Reiki are for our Pets.   I will also explain HOW, during Reiki, ‘' The Burning of Natural Incense and Alcohol-Free Aromatic Oil ''                                                         can be used in at the same time to aid relaxation and help to de-stress our pets.

This information is taken from Animal Reiki Source® by Kathleen Prasad - Reiki Master. Her method follows the Animal Reiki Practitioner Code of Ethics has been practiced around the world over 20 years.  This Reiki Master Teacher has been inspirational since 2002 using her own brand of ground-breaking method of practice. Kathleen has devoted the last twenty years of her life to the spiritual system of Reiki.

What is Animal Reiki?   ~~ “ A unique method of sharing Reiki with animals”

This method is founded upon traditional Japanese Reiki techniques and philosophy. Animal Reiki is a spiritual practice of compassion for all beings so “doing” Reiki for animals simply means learning to meditate with your animals. Reiki helps us navigate our life and that of our pets. Performers of Animal Reiki try to help heal lifelong battle with anxiety, bring peace, strength, and balance in to their lives especially during illness, depression and other illness it offers a grounded and centred place, each and every day, these techniques have proved to be a great healing success.                    Practitioners learn to listen to animals and become receptive to their spiritual wisdom and healing gifts.

                                            Animal Reiki for Small Animals

Small animals can benefit so much from Animal Reiki, the key to success and healing is in the healers approach. Animals should always lead the Reiki session as they are already very sensitive and wise in the language of energy, so they won’t need physical touch to benefit (but they might ask for it). Reiki can be extremely helpful for exotic birds and small animal pets of any age, shape or species, like dogs, cats, bunnies, etc. 

Supplement, not Replacement !

Many people report positive effects in the general health and disposition of their pets with the use of Reiki, saying that it offers hope for reduction in chronic pain, even reversal and remission of severe medical issues. However, Reiki’s application and outcomes are not a replacement for routine veterinary care, or a reason to disregard needed medicine or medical procedures. It offers a Non-Invasive assistance not a cure but you might find your pet enjoying a serene, healthier lifestyle.

Any animal can benefit from Reiki - no matter how large or how small, whether a domestic, farm or zoo animal, they all have emotional and physical needs that can be helped.

BUT It’s not for everyone . . .  Just as there are critics of Acupuncture, some Chiropractic Applications, and Healing Services, some believe Reiki is tomfoolery at best. It is not considered a Legitimate Medical Intervention, though it can be used in conjunction with Traditional Treatments and has been practised for centuries.!         


                                                                 EVERYONE SHOULD MAKE UP THEIR OWN MIND AND USE THE BEST SOLUTION FOR OUR PETS.

Potential benefits of Reiki

The intended benefits of Reiki are for physical healing, psychological treatment, and general wellness. It may relieve tension or alleviate fears, giving your Pet a sense of peace.

Some people note that pain relief and rapid recovery result from treatment, which aids the body’s natural healing process. Whether it’s a behavioural disorder, injury, or arthritis, your pet may be helped by Reiki.

  • For pets who are healthy, Reiki helps to maintain their well-being by enhancing relaxation and a sense of peace.
  • In regard to pets who are ill, Reiki supports the body and mind plus the natural ability to heal.           
  • For dying pets, Reiki is a powerful yet gentle way to provide comfort, relief from fear and anxiety, and to ease the transition to death.

Reiki Healing For Cats

If you are looking for a gentle and non- invasive technique for supporting feline wellness, look no further than Reiki.  It can create relaxation and peace in even the most stressed-out cases-thus it is ideal for cats living in loving homes, as well as shelter and rescued cats. Reiki can help to speed healing after surgery or illness, reduce side-effects of medicine, relieve pain, improve behaviour problems, heal anxiety-related problems and other treatments. Reiki can also help Fear of Fireworks.

Reiki Healing For Dogs

All dogs, whether shelter dogs or dogs in happy homes, can benefit from the healing aspects of Reiki. For healthy dogs, it can help maintain energetic balance and promote health and well-being. For dogs suffering from illness or injury, either physical or mental, it is a powerful complement to both conventional and alternative healing methods.

Will your dog like Reiki?

…that is the question. Maybe you’ve seen Reiki on humans, where a healer’s hands hover over the person but don’t actually touch them. This might seem fascinating, but hands-hovering and hands-on Reiki are both acceptable forms.  It may depend on the animal. You may have a new dog who is timid and fearful of touch, or you might be helping at a shelter with a new, skittish arrival: hands-hovering may be the best way to start. If it’s your dog, or one who obviously loves touch, the light hands-on application is welcome.

Dog Reiki hand positions aren’t extremely different from human hand configurations, simply modified. At a basic level, you want to match hand positions on both sides of the dog, starting at the shoulders and working your way down their body at energy points (chakras).  For an injury or ailment, you can also put your hands together, thumbs touching, and focus on the particular area or organ affected.

Many dog lovers feel the relationship forged between human and canine contains a mystical connection. After all, doesn’t your dog sometimes know what you’re thinking? When it comes to caring for our furry friends, we believe the Japanese technique of Reiki can be a helpful tool.