Scent to Help Anxiety & Achieve Restful Sleep

How can we cope with Anxiety and to achieve Peaceful Sleep? ~ “To be able to sleep without any cares in the world then wake up refreshed and ready to welcome the challenges ahead of you” ~ Wouldn't that be perfect?

Sadly, that is not always possible and many days, even weeks or months, we can find ourselves letting Anxiety enter and occupy our thoughts, stopping us from doing or achieving anything enjoyable. I can relate, understand, and empathise with this type of Anxiety– as someone trying to run a business, especially at the moment.

Fragrance Can Help

People have a tendency to not realise it is happening, sometimes until it is too late but our emotions can be altered by a Fragrance in order to conquer this annoying upstart. But this is only a small part of being able to improved how we cope with Anxiety.

Help and Advice

I am often asked “What Fragrance would be good to combat Anxiety and gain Peaceful nights sleep?” and “Which is the best product to use for Releasing a helpful Aroma?”. I realised this really needs a fuller explanation than time sometimes allows.  I think and draw on my own personally experience of how I deal with Anxiety when it reared its ugly head, knowing that this information will help others.

Firstly, you do not always know when anxiety has hit hard, you could just wake up one day and there it is.  To work out how this has happened, you may need to think back over the past few days or weeks and you could then realise you haven't slept well either, tossing, turning, and worrying about things going on around you like money issues, caring for someone, work, or something else.

Anxiety or worry about life issues can stop you from moving forward and it is your Anxiety which can stop you from talking things over with other people you need to and discussing positively how to go forward. As soon as you have worked out an action plan to move forward and you feel up to it, take that first step by phone because this seems to be an easier step to take rather than face to face. When that is done “do I need to worry - no I don't”. 

If you can turn the dark thoughts  in to lighter reflexions,  it WILL make a difference and as a result you will sleep better. If you wake up worrying about something, then try to stop focusing on the negative things that can happen, instead imagine how things will be after you have solved the troubling issues and you will find it is amazing how your body reacts to these thoughts and suddenly you are waking up when the alarm goes off and you can have a good night’s sleep.

It can take a time to turn Negative thoughts to Positive but do not give up, it does work, especially using the support of Incense, Oils, Perfume or Natural Wax Products which do have a part to play in Combatting Anxiety, Restless Sleep and how they can help change your mind set. Another helpful tip is to use such products whilst you Meditate or do Yoga as fragrances will help you feel relaxed physically, relieving stress and allowing you to focus whist doing these practices or on life in general.

Which Scent Can Help?

The obvious Incense fragrance people think of for Calming and Soothing your mind is Lavender. 

If you are going to use Lavender at night time and you do not wish to smoke your bedroom out with Incense smoke then a good alternative is Lavender Aroma oil, it does not leave any smoke and has a gentler scent.  Another thing you could try is an Alcohol - free Perfume applied to your pressure points or a little next to your pillow. 

Try something different >>>

Although Lavender is great for balancing your emotions, calming your mind, and cleaning any negative thoughts from your mind.

 Did You Know there are many other fragrances that can help? ~  like Frankincense, Californian White Sage, Jasmine, Myrrh and many more  . . .       

These fragrances can also aid in promoting deep relaxed sleep, helping your sleeping patterns return to Normal, resulting in a more positive outlook when you awaken. 

And many more >>>

You could also try Chandan / Sandalwood.  This is a great fragrance as it not only helps with restless night it Helps Alleviate Melancholy and Irritability which always comes hand in hand with Anxiety and a Sleepless night, this Incense is brilliant to help you feel Relaxed

Lemon/ Lemongrass and Lotus are another few of the Incense you should try.  Lotus has a sweet flowery fragrance and is fantastic for bringing harmony to your moods whilst Lemon / Lemongrass have a sharp, crisp scent and are both used to relieve stress, bringing clarity to your mind, and has a calming and relaxing effect, as well as being another good Incense to use for sleepless nights.  All are just bursts with positivity.

Finally, I am going to add Nag Champa as this is a very popular incense that everyone all knows BUT BE AWARE to choose ONLY NATURAL PRODUCTS - check out our Did you know Nag Champa article to find out why

We offer this wonderful fragrance comes in Natural, Quality and Unique forms as an Incense Stick, Cones, Perfume and Aroma Oils which can be used to Purify and Sanctify your home and when used in the evening, it will help your sleep and calm your dreams. 


I have mentioned here several fragrances that can help with Anxiety and Sleepless Nights but it is just a case of trying them until you find the one that works for you and we hope this short blog has helped.