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Alcohol – Free, Roll-on Perfume

A wonderful selection of  Perfume oils by Dream Spirit.  Each one is made from both Natural Oils and Essence and DO NOT Contain Any Alcohol.

None of these products are tested on animals. They are diluted with purified water so it can be applied directly to the skin. These oils can be used with other oils to create blends ensuring a Soothing & Exotic scent as the oil is High Quality, Long Lasting and is FREE FROM ALCOHOL, a little of this exquisite fragrance goes a long way.

These oils come in an 8 ml glass bottle and with the help of the ‘rollerball’,  you can roll it onto your wrists neck and chest areas easily. It is absorbed almost instantly plus the fragrance will last all day as well as into the night, it may last even longer without having to re-apply. Roll this perfume on pulse points for a daily pick me up, or before yoga or any practice of Energy Arts, Meditation, or Spiritual Ceremony. The oil can also be used in your favourite Oil Burner or to freshen up your Potpourri.


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All our Perfume Oils are 100% Natural Fragrance, each one provides Uplifting Spirits with Warming Soothing properties using only Pure Essential Oils.  Some Synthetic fragrances ~ often hidden under the term ‘Parfum’ or ‘Fragrance’ on ingredients lists, can usually trigger Allergies and Asthma.

These Perfume oils make a wonderful addition to any Ladies or Man bag. Great as a gift which will Invigorate the Senses, Soothe the Mind, because they have a Non- Chemical or Alcohol Aroma.

How is Perfume scent divided

  • Top Notes ~These give the first impression of a fragrance.
  • Middle Notes ~ Often called the Heart Notes and make up the main body of the fragrance.
  • Base Notes ~ These give the fragrance depth and help ground the lighter notes.                                                  

Bakhoor has a long history

 It has become more and more popular in recent times. Bakhoor is a scented brick made of a blend of Natural Materials – often woodchips. These bricks or chips are placed into a charcoal burner and warmed to help spread their fragrance throughout the home in a manner similar to that of Incense.

It can be used a simple perfume for the home or it can be used for special occasions such as weddings or parties. whether it is formal or casual, Bakhoor can make for an excellent addition to any occasion.           

How Bakhoor is made ?

Makers of Bakhoor generally prefer to use only Natural Ingredients so that the Scent is Pure, and No Harmful Chemicals are given off when burnt.

Normally, the materials are formed into a brick-like shape and then heated to harden them using indirect heat.                 

In most cases, Bakhoor is placed in a traditional Incense Burner known as a Mabkhara. These are metal or ceramic Incense Burners in many sizes and styles, with decorative designs and embellished with precious  materials such as Gold Leaf or Chakra Stones.  

and how do you use it?

A charcoal disc or briquette is lit and then placed in the Mabkhara then once the charcoal is glowing, a small piece of Bakhoor is placed on top it.

As the charcoal slowly continues to burn, it heats the Bakhoor and the fragrant smoke is dispersed throughout the environment.  Once the fragrance of the Bakhoor has saturated the room, the windows are opened, and the smoke is let out.

The scent will remain in the room even after the smoke is gone. People who want to perfume their clothes more strongly will often hold it directly in front of the smoke wafting it towards them for several minutes.

Benefits of Bakhoor

There are many benefits of Bakhoor – Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, and Medicinal.

  • Calmness – The fragrances and feeling of Bakhoor is known to bring forth a Natural sense of Calmness in both the body and mind. This is great for Reducing Anxiety and Decreasing any sort of fear that you may be feeling. Because your nerves will be calmed, you will be able to focus more on certain tasks and perform them without suffering any cloudy judgement. Deep breaths allow the scents to travel throughout your body and help you to become calm with their Healing Properties.
  • Harmony – Bakhoor is known to promote harmony and balance in both your body and mind. After a relaxing session with Bakhoor, you will feel that your mind is more in tune with your body, and that you are better able to perform both physical and mental functions. Clumsiness will be reduced, and your movements will have more grace and power.
  • Meditation – Bakhoor has long been used for meditative purposes across many cultures. Because it brings a sense of calmness and tranquillity, you can have a better meditation session. The relaxing properties will allow you to clear your mind and focus on bettering yourself internally.
  • Spirituality – It is believed that the use of Bakhoor allows the person to feel at peace with the spirits around him. It is said that angels are attracted to the fragrant smoke and may bring with them good blessings when Bakhoor is being used. This is why Bakhoor is often used for religious ceremonies and get togethers.



And more ...

  • Inspiration – Many people report feeling motivated and inspired after they burn Bakhoor and use it for enhanced meditation. The fumes are helpful in calming the body, thus giving it more energy to accomplish what needs to be done in the future. Being able to relax in times of stress allows you to create more focus.
  • Mental Clarity – For those who have felt like they are in a fog or just can’t think straight, Bakhoor has long been used to create mental clarity. After a deep breathing session with Bakhoor, you will open your eyes and be ready to take on the world, no matter how difficult the task ahead of you may be.
  • Balance the Chakras – One of the keys to maintaining a healthy life is to make sure that all of your chakras are open, spinning, and balanced. Bakhoor can help find blocked chakras and open them up so that you can experience clarity and health throughout your day.

ALL the Bakhoor fragrances we offer are composed of Premium Quality Alcohol-free Perfume, Natural Pure lngredients and are produced Maintaining their Traditional Methods & Strong Values yet Keeping Pace with Modern Trends. lf in doubt try it as an lncense Stick - see our Shop for details ...