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Scented and more would like to introduce you to the Brands, Products and Accessories we consider are the best Natural & Pure items available.  

We offer over 80 exceptional Natural, Pure and Hand-Rolled Agarbatti Incense sourced directly from India which are produced by the finest Manufacturer who still use the tradition methods of production without using Toxic Chemicals as per many Incense bought in the UK.


We offer a range of amazing Alcohol-Free Aromatic Oils which are produced by two of our best-selling Incense Companies.

Green Tree and Goloka offer

Goloka Citronella Oil   flowers for oils  GT Palo Santo oil"Incense in a bottle"! "Simply a No- Brainer for us ".

Together with various Natural Wax products, Himalayan Bath Salt and many different products relating to 'Smudging and Cleansing' including Palo Santo, Sage Torches and Equipment,

we offer all this and more at "Scented and more . . "

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ALL our products are tested by ourselves and our loyal customers BEFORE we decide to buy products and join our current catalogue.

This commitment to NATURAL, Quality and Unique products is something we are proud of and is always appreciated by our customers.


Try something a little different, these products are suitable to use for people with Breathing Problems or COPD because they are made from NATURAL and PURE Ingredients.

They contain No Chemicals or Toxins.

Due to our ethical standards we WILL NEVER stock ANY PRODUCTS which either contain TOXIC AND HARMFUL Ingredients or ACCESSORIES that do not meet our pledge to buy "Fair Trade" items to support local artisans and would rather NOT buy a product than Lower Our Standards.

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Bakhoor - (Bukhoor) is the name given to wood chips soaked in fragrant oils and burned in Specialist Incense Burners to perfume the Home and Clothing specifically on special occasions.

Bakhoor weaves together an aromatic bouquet of raw materials such as Sandalwood, Frankincense and mixture of the Essence of Oud, Musk, Amber, Rose etc - it is truly heavenly despite looking like a delicious piece of chocolate, it smells divine & is Highly Recommended.

 "Scented and more . . ."

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When we are buying new accessories, we try to focus on Beautiful design, that would suit any home, and would be an attractive decorative ornament when not being used.  

Our versatile Incense holder have an inside compartment which can be used for storage of  spare Incense products. 

To ensure your accessories stay looking great, you just need to use a dry cloth to remove and loose ash from inside then using a natural wood polish, simply rub the coated cloth over the wood both inside and out, place it aside to dry out and it will last you for years to come.


 Our aromaburners are more than just functional, they are subtle, eye catching, something that can be used as a decorative centre piece to put on the table, the windowsill or the mantelpiece. 

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Most burners are ceramic and designed in such a way that they stand firmly on a flat surface. The timeless designs makes them appropriate in every setting, regardless the style of the interior.

So go on, give our Products and Accessories a look and we have some fascinating articles in our blog section and if you need any help just contact us. 


* Natural Incense * Smudge items including Palo Santo wood sticks * Quality Aromatic Oils * Alcohol-Free Perfume * Scented Wax Products * Organic Tealights * Himalayan Bath Salts*

* Unique Accessories *

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If you wish to purchase a large quantity of products(stock permitting).

- please contact us by email to discuss discount and postage.  

We advise all customers to read Our FULL Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, & Delivery Information, as these Policies form the basis of our contract with each other.


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