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In the meantime, you can always email me to check for stock avaliablility, because during the summer we could be holding stock in transit which state "out of stock" on the website.

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We offer over 90 exceptional Natural, Pure and Hand-Rolled Agarbatti Incense sourced directly from India which are produced by the finest Manufacturer who still use the tradition methods of production without using Toxic Chemicals as per many Incense bought in the UK.


We offer a range of amazing Alcohol-Free Aromatic Oils which are produced by our best-selling Incense Companies.

Together with various Natural Wax products, Aromatherapy products like Himalayan Bath Salt and Parimal Mandir "Yatra" Hand-Made, Naturally Scented Soap plus many different products relating to 'Smudging and Cleansing' including Palo Santo, Sage Torches and Equipment.

ALL our products are tested by ourselves and our loyal customers BEFORE we decide to buy products and join our current catalogue.


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