Scent and our Products

At Scented and more, we offer several Natural and Pure Products made from Mother Nature’s store cupboard. These products are avaliable in many forms from Incense to burn producing Aromatic Scented Smoke and Vapours, Aromatic Oils, Roll-on Perfumes, Wax Melts that can all be used on Diffusers and Oil Burners. 

A Fragrance, which triggers protein in our brain that produces the Soothing Sensation we feel under our skin and thus relaxes the Senses and Reduces Stress.  Aromatherapy using scent is very popular thanks to the medicinal advantages.

The vast range of Aromas and Fragrances we offer are Natural as well as being Ethically Sustainably sourced. Our products are clearly explained and we have offered greater detail plus explanations about all of them, how they are made and what you can expect to smell. 

This information is seldom found at other websites selling similar products who like to “cut and paste” the same information found elsewhere but we have taken the time and effort to research then pass on all relevant details to our customers so people can base a purchase on the best avaliable knowledge so as not to be disappointed with the Quality and Unique products that we are so proud to offer.

I wonder if people really know How complicated Scent and our Sense Of Smell can be.

At Scented and more, I try to explain the different Fragrances, Aromas and how our products Smell because, like with everything on the Internet, customers can not Smell or appreciate their Beautiful and Unique Bouquet, so my Explanations and Descriptions are Vital, Informative, and very Helpful plus we send each customer a sample of an Alternative or Complementary product similar to the one they have purchased.

The feedback we have received from our customers shows that the effort and time spent on product information and the free samples are very much appreciated and make us special amongst both on-line or event retailers, which makes us very grateful and proud to offer this service to everyone.

It is ironic that most people undervalue the power of scents.  Strong Fragrances have the ability to evoke Positive states of Mind and Smell is linked to early life experiences and forgotten childhood memories which are brought back into consciousness when you smell an odours from when you were young.

Scents and Aromas can spread around a house using Incense sticks or cones, Waxes, Oils, Perfumes, and some of our products use a combination of various Natural Fragrances so can be used as an effective method of treating different kinds of Illnesses, due to their Healing Powers and Benefits such as:


 This fragrance helps in the Cure of Arthritis, and also helps Cleanse the Digestive system. It is famous for its Insect Repellent facilities, and hence finds use in most Indian households. Frankincense can be used to Treat Depression and Cancer too! It is also one of the few fragrances that can help with Mental Aptitude and Learning and look great with a Dragon Cone burner in a Children’s bedroom, with the smoke coming out of its mouth! Check out our Unique Accessories in our shop.


 Another scent which have been around for centuries, treating problems of the Heart, Liver and Spleen, Rheumatic Disorders, Arthritis, and Circulatory Problems. Used extensively in Ayurvedic treatment methods, it is regarded as one with great Medicinal value. 

Sandalwood -

Woody Scent creates the perfect atmosphere for Harmony. A fragrance that Soothes the Mind and Reawakens the senses for Blissful Relaxation and Perfect Balance aiding your Mental Wellbeing to relieve Stress and helping you feel Calm.

Himalayan Rock Bath Salts

Unique and Natural Experience for your WHOLE Body, Mind and Spirit.

Having regular Salt Baths can easily Boost Your Immunity, Regulate Your pH Balance and can Fight Off Bacterial Infections on the Skin and Body.   


Try burning a sweet aroma Incense whilst in your bedroom, one that you keep only for Relaxing and Sleeping, try Jasmine instead of Lavender for something different.

Smudging lngredients

Burning Dragon's Blood, Californian White Sage, Palo Santo and many more ingredients will drive away Negativity and Evil.

There are many more Fragrances to be found within our Shop across all our products.  

Remember if you need any further help or advice please feel free to email us [email protected] or visit our shop online.