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Smudging is a Cleansing Ritual that dates back to the Native American people, where Herbs or Tree Barks would be burned and the fragrant   smoke would be used to cover a person or place.            

  This is a Ceremony practiced by many Indigenous people around the world that involves the Burning of Sacred Herbs for Spiritual Cleansing or Blessing.                    

While the particulars of the Ceremonies, and the Herbs used can vary widely between Tribes and Nations, many use forms of SAGE (like Common Sage or White Sage) and Cedar or whatever is local to their region.

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The modern-day Practice of Burning Sage (or Sage combined with other Dried Herbs) in Personal Smudging Rituals and Ceremonies is based on a Combination of the Spiritual, Medicinal, Herbal and Cultural Teachings of the Past.

 Essentially, a Smudge Ritual or a Smudge Ceremony is performed to Correct the Energy in a home, in an office, in an object, or even in a person.

This is done by Burning Sage or a Combination of Herbs, in a Focused, Intentional way to Remove Negative Energy and to Replace it with Positive, Healing Energy.

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