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    Stockport Pride SUNDAY 2nd June 2024 from 11am - 6pm.

    Stockport Pride has been promoting diversity, equality and inclusion in the borough since 2017 and hold an annual festival in Stockport's Historic Market Place and Underbanks - that includes a parade, live entertainment, food and drink, Charities, Crafts, Drag Acts, Musicians, Quiet Space, Family Space, and numerous Community Groups and local organisations.

    At Scented and more, we sell Natural & Pure Incense, Affordable Alcohol-free Aroma Oils and Amazing Roll-on Perfumes, Quality Smudge products that are not generally found on the High St.

    “We try the rest so you buy the best” because our products are “Natural & Pure, Affordable, Quality and Unique” for more details see our Events page.

    It's a great opportunity to celebrate the rich history of the LGBTQ+ Community at the best event in Stockport.

    • Banjara - Quality Of Incenses

      COMING SOON . . .

      R M Enterprises   - BANJARA                              


      We have some NEW LINES from Banjara the makers of one of the best Incense Sticks namely White Sage & Palo Santo Plus we are delighted to offer Resin/Smudge Cups which are Charcoal cups that have been pre-filled with either a Resin such as Myrrh or a Smudge Ingredient namely Dragon Blood and Finally Unique, High Quality and Affordable Hand-Made Smudge Pyramid Cones like Patchouli and Copal ~ WOW! Yes, we agree.

      PLUS we are hoping to offer some new Incense Accessories to accompany these beautiful new Incense Products – but we will see how they sell at our 1st Event in 2024 – Stockport Pride at Market Place on 2ns June – if you are free why not come and see us and the new lines . . .       

      Keep your eye on our shop for further details . . .

      Various different Incense Sticks, Cones and Dhoop. Brands little known by regular users.

      Beautiful Non-Alcohol based Roll-on Perfume Oils with a scent that "Lasts for Hours".

      Unique variety of Natural & Fragrant Tea Lights.

      Aroma and Fragrant non-chemical based Oils. "The Scent & Benefits of Incense ~  in a bottle".

      Everything you need to Purify, Remove Negative Energy, and Cleanse People and Environments

      Himalayan Bath Salts and "Yatra" Scented Soap - Perfect for improving Wellbeing, "Mother Nature's own First Aid Kit!"

      Traditional Arabic Product. Used for years for its Divine Scent, Highly Recommended!

      A selection from across ALL product types at unbeatable prices, including WAX MELTS

      Affordable, Quality, and Unique Selection of Gift items for Everyone.

      Quality, Fair Trade Accessories to complement all Incense Types.

      Affordable Accessories to complement all Oil Products.