Scented and more . . .

A Huge Thank You . . .

We hope you have had a smelly Christmas and we would like to wish all our customers a very fragrant New Year.

At this time, we will be making changes to some of our website pages and apologise for any inconvenience these changes make but it will be worth it in the end. The new look website will be Fresh, Inviting, and Welcoming. We hope you will like the content from the front page, Our Shop and all the Reference Information sections.

We would appreciate you input and how you find the new website layout including any things you are not so sure about or do not find Pleasing.

Namaste to ALL our Customers and hope this new year will be more normal and we can attend events to meet some customers – keep an eye on the Events Calendar on the website or Facebook for details.

Barbara & Brian xx

Our Brands are . . . different

Natural & Pure Incense ~ Stick, Cones & Dhoop

Smudge Items ~ everything you need

Aromatic Oils ~ Incense in a bottle!

Perfume Oils ~ lasts for hours

Wax Melts and Tealights ~ natural & fragrant

Perfect Quality - if just a bit wonky . . .

Himalayan Bath Salt ~ Natures' own First Aid kit !

" BAKHOOR " ~ Its amazing!

Sale ~ Unbeatable Products

Incense Accessories ~ Affordable

Wax and Oil Accessories ~ Quality

"Affordable, Quality & Unique "

At Scented and more we understand that purchasing Scented products from a website is difficult (no smelly vision yet!), especially if you have not already been able to smell or try the items before . . . this is why we will send you a FREE SAMPLE of a product, relevant to the purchase you have made, we also record each sample sent to every Customer so that we do not send duplicate products to repeat customers.  This act of Customer Services has already been Much Appreciated by many Customers and we hope this ongoing gesture, with our Compliments, is Valued and Pleasing to everyone.  If there is any specific item (within reason) that you would like us to send you, as a sample, with your next purchase then please let us know by email, after processing your order.

Namaste, Babs x