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The products we offer have been used for millennium and are still popular today due to their properties and benefits which are closely linked to a more Natural way living. On our web site we explain how the products are made, what ingredients are used and much more . . .

Natural & Pure Products have many health benefits both Spiritual, Physical and Mental as well as being an Eco- Friendly Air Fresheners.

Similar Scented Incense, like many of our other products, can be found almost anywhere, EXCEPT they are NOT always Heathy or Natural plus some familiar Branded Products often contain TOXIC, CHEMICAL and CHEAP Ingredients which people are unfortunately, not aware 

 We are proud to offer our customers the Truth behind some of these popular products and suggest Superior, Top-Quality and Exclusive Products.

We have developed our website to contain Facts, and Information that we have discovered through our Research which includes the  experiences and knowledge gained during our visit to several Indian manufacturers in Mumbai, Bangalore and Mysore.                                    We already sell many of their products and now regard them as our Friends not just Producers of the Best, Natural and Unique products available.

Now we wish to share this information with you, our Customers, many of whom have also become our Friends.  People tell us that High Quality Natural Incense, Wax & Oil Products are hard to find especially in a world of Toxic, Man-Made, and Chemical-Filled Rip Offs, therefore we decided to show that there are, in fact, many Natural, Affordable, Quality, and Unique Products available that you can trust - if you know where to look.

Our website shows a wide variety of Products, in different forms, from Natural and Pure Incense, Aromatic and Alcohol-Free Oils and Perfumes, to Himalayan Rock Bath Salts and much more which we think are pretty Amazing plus they are seldom found at other outlets especially with the Reference Information Sections and High Levels of Customer Service which we give each Customer.

“ We have TRlED the rest so that YOU can buy the BEST products avaliable”

We now invite you to take a look at our on-line shop where you can see all the products we sell plus you can read through some of the Reference Information, and "Did You Know?" section then if you still need any help just drop us an email.

Remember ALL our products can benefit everyone, including our Pets, to help maintain our Mental Health & Wellbeing which is so important – Try them today and see for yourself.

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Natural & Pure lncense

Various different Incense Sticks, Cones and Dhoop Brands little known by regular users.

Roll-on Perfume Oils

Perfect Non-Alcohol based Roll-on Perfume Oils with a scent that "Lasts for Hours".

Wax Melts & Tea Lights

Unique variety of Organic, Natural & Fragrant Wax Melts & Tea Lights.

Aromatic Oils

Aroma and Fragrant non-chemical based Oils. "The Scent & Benefits of Incense ~  in a bottle".

Smudge & Cleansing ltems

Everything you need to Purify, Remove Negative Energy, and Cleanse People and Environments.

Himalayan Rock Bath Salt

Perfect for improving Wellbeing, "Mother Nature's own First Aid Kit!"


Traditional Arabic Product Used for years for its Divine Scent, we Highly Recommended it.


A selection from across ALL product types at unbeatable prices.


Affordable, Quality, and Unique Selection of Gift items for Everyone.

lncense Based Accessories

Quality, Fair Trade Accessories to complement all Incense Types.

Wax & Oil Based Accessories

Affordable Accessories to complement all Wax & Oil Products.

Special Offer ~  At Scented and more we understand that purchasing Scented products from a website is difficult (no smelly vision yet!), especially if you have not already been able to smell or try the items before . . . this is why we send a FREE SAMPLE product, with our Compliments, that is relevant, as far as possible, to the item purchased.  We also record each sample sent to every Customer so that we do not send duplicate items to our growing number of repeat customers.  This gesture has already been appreciated by many people who Value and Enjoy this Unique service. 


"I know I can shop here with confidence for Natrual & Safe products".

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