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Nitiraj Original and Platinum Range from The Bombay Incense Company.

This Companies mission is to produce Quality Natural fragrance products that bring joy to customers just like their established “Om” range.

All the Incense they make is done using a traditional method dating back over   years, using only the finest ingredients to create Superior Fragrances.  In 1978, the range ‘Nitiraj’ was formed to be one of the First Quality Traditional Incenses in the UK market, AND like most of the Incense offered by Scented and more, this range is not as familiar as other Incense Brands, BUT UNLIKE most Commonly bought Incense, many of which are toxic, this range is Produced using ONLY Natural plant based Ingredients to create one of the “Finest Incense Products On The Planet”.

We are proud to offer this NEW range so You Can enjoy Even More  Affordable, Quality and Unique Natural Incenses.

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    All Nitiraj Incenses are Hand Rolled in India from a 'masala' blend of the Finest Natural Ingredients avaliable including Natural Oils, Resins, Gums, Balsam, Aromatic Herbs, Spices, and Sandalwood powder. These Natural Ingredients combine to create a Smooth, Slow Burning (1 hour) Incense ideally suited for Meditation, Yoga, and Relaxation. It can Dispel Negativity and Attract Good Luck. This unchanged Nitiraj recipe has proved itself to be one of Europe's most popular line of Holistic Natural Incenses, recommended by top Yoga and Meditation Instructors for over many years.

    Our Brands are . . . different

    Natural & Pure Incense ~ Stick, Cones & more

    Smudge Items ~ everything you need

    Aromatic Oils ~ Incense in a bottle!

    Perfume Oils ~ lasts for hours

    Wax Melts and Tealights ~ natural & fragrant

    Himalayan Bath Salt ~ Natures' own First Aid kit !

    Sale ~ Unbeatable Products

    " BAKHOOR " ~ Its amazing!

    "Affordable, Quality & Unique "

    Incense Accessories ~ Affordable

    Wax and Oil Accessories ~ Quality

    What our customers say . . .

    At Scented and more we understand that purchasing Scented products from a website is difficult (no smelly vision yet!), especially if you have not already been able to smell or try the items before . . . this is why we will send you a FREE SAMPLE of a product, relevant to the purchase you have made, and for Repeat Customers we will send you a different sample so we do not repeat previous samples because we record each sample sent to every Customer.  This act of Customer Services has already been Much Appreciated by many Customers and we hope this ongoing gesture, with our Compliments, is Valued and Pleasing to everyone.     If there is any specific item (within reason) that you would like us to send you, as a sample, with your next purchase then please let us know after processing your order, by email.

    Namaste, Babs x