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“Unboxed Loose Sticks ONLY”

                          Please note that Chamomile and Lily of the Valley scents are              only avaliable in a stick form.

 These Incense Sticks are normally sold at our Market/Event & Festival stall, as our Pick n Mix range but unfortunately on our website this concept is not avaliable but we are offering this New Online range of Incense as a pre-packed bag of 10 same scent  Sticks for £1.50, there is NO box packaging as this range is normally a ‘Pick n Mix’ option, instead we will process each order individually, then bag up each fragrance selected ‘Exclusively for you!’

2024 Black P n M incense sticks

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Charcoal is used to firm up the “Paste Mixture” which enables it to bond onto the Bamboo stick better as it speeds through the Incense Making Machine.

They offer a superb aroma and will burn evenly unlike more familiar brands on the market.

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