Smudging & Cleansing . . . What should you know?


                                          Cleansing your Energy Field is very important in this day and age.

We often unconsciously pick up on the “subtle” intentions, thoughts, projections, and energies of others. Sometimes these can be positive, But they can also be negative and harmful for us. This is where smudging comes in.  Smudging is essentially Cleansing and Clearing your Aura or Spirit around yourself and home.

In this guide I will look at the benefits and reasons for Smudging, the Ingredients used, equipment needed including the use of Abalone shells, how to before a ritual.


Different ingredients

The History of Smudging

Smudging is an ancient practice throughout the world have first used by Tribal and Ancient Indigenous Cultures in North America, who used three Native herbs for Smudging,- White Sage, Cedar, Sweetgrass. Those who worked and lived on the land, and who were in tune with their earthy and spiritual roots used Special Plants, Herbs and Resins herbs to purify the air and cleanse themselves of Negative Energy to accomplish Smudging and Cleansing rituals.

In most Aboriginal traditions, a Sweat Lodge is used which is basically a tent or tepee are filled with smoke and heat, it is used as a building within which a sick person can be treated to aid many Physical and Mental conditions and in Ancient Rome, buildings called "Purgatoriums " were used for the Cleansing Rituals.

Using Natural Scented Smoke to Purify the body, Cleans the Home, Workplace, or any Space, is a beautiful technique whether through traditional Smudging using a smudge stick, Palo Santo wood or burning Incense.

Many groups of people believe that smudging could protect them from harmful spirits, therefore Smudging is historically a way to ward off evil spirits and unseen energies.

In some cultures the smoke is taken into one's hands and then rubbed over the body to blacken it. This is where the modern day practice got its name "SMUDGING ".  Blessings and Prayers for Protection, Purification are said whilst Cleansing.                         

How Smudging works.

We all have an Aura - or electromagnetic energy field. This is a protective shield  encompassing us and is responsible for subtle influences including both our own Intentions and Mental Projections, and the thought projections of others.

Our auras are perpetually interacting with other people’s auras, and the energy and vibrations emitted by natural objects & entities such as crystals, special gemstones, herbs, plants, and flowers, so in terms of Smudging it was a necessary practice begun by Ancient People who had a wisdom and knowledge of plants and herbs or flowers

  • Native Americans used sage and other herbal/ plant bundles in ceremony. In other words, a “Smudge Stick” was used to Cleanse People, Spaces, and Environments of Negative Energy, including any lingering Spiritual Forces that may not have been entirely Friendly or Positive.
  • Buddhists, Catholics, and many other people throughout history have burned plants & herbs for positive and healing effects. The idea has always been the same, regardless of the culture or religion; smoke is Purifying. Smoke from herbs like sage transforms Negative Energy into Positive Energy, removing Toxins and Impurities in the air.
  • Europeans used to burn herbs and plants for practical purposes. Some believed smudging could help relieve people and animals of parasites and unwanted bugs! almost 100% of all western and modern medicine is taken from some part of Nature, from some Herb, Plant, or Flower.

What lngredients work well.

A ''Smudge Stick' is a bundle of mixed dried herbs, and plants or used on their own, the leaves are usually bound with string in a small bundle and dried. All herbs and plants used in a Smudge Stick have a strong, pleasant aroma when burnt. Palo Santo wood can also be used for Smudging and Cleansing.

Californian White Sage is probably the most common and popular herb for Smudging and came from the Native American practices and beliefs, it is associated with Purity and has a Strong and Heavy Presence making it useful for when you need a Major Space Cleansing. This particular sage itself is called Salvia officinalis in Latin, originating from “salve” which translates as to save or heal.   

Blended Smudge bundles can add variety to your Smudging like Cedar, which has long been used by Native Americans for Ceremonial and Medicinal. Sweetgrass is often braided and dried to create long strands which can be burnt. Herbs and Plants are seen to be sacred as it helps to drive away Negative and Harmful Energy, Thoughts, Emotions, and Mental Projections. 

Smoke is a great tool for Cleansing Negative Energies Areas. When Smudging, you burn Spiritual Plant Material and allow the smoke to fill, surround and purify the Environment or Person’s body.  As the Smoke Ascends, our Wishes and Intentions rise and mingle into the Universe, connecting Heaven, Earth, and Humanity.

From time to time, you can use an Incense stick or cone to Cleanse your own Aura, or you could burn Incense in your room (or entire house) to continuously Cleanse it from Negative Energies.  As an alternative to a Sage Smudge Stick, try Palo Santo wood together with Himalayan Rock Salt, Cedar, Juniper, Sweetgrass, there are many more ingredients to use.

Smudging Today. . .

Today, Smudging has been adopted in some variant forms into several modern belief systems, including many forms of New Age and Eclectic Neopagan Spirituality , such as modern Wicca. These smoke and heat filled structures were considered sacred spaces in which the Spirits or Gods lifted Negative Entities and Energies from an individual without interference with others.

It has become a way for Meditators, Spiritual People, and Practitioners of the Healing Arts and Holistic, Alternative Medicine to “Clear Space.” Yoga Teachers, Meditation Practitioners, Holistic Health Therapists, and people from all walks of life use different ingredients for Smudging.

In the east, Buddhists and Taoists burn herbs for spiritual purposes and in the West, “New-Age” Spiritualists also make use of the Cleansing and Purifying effects of Smudging during Rituals.

Today, the Real Application and Essence of Smudging shows that the outdated beliefs and illusions once held by our Ancient Ancestors such as the witch trials,  were extremely significant in our human journey from the past to the present which shows just how Empowering and Loving certain Herbs plus other plants are when used in Smudging.

We hope you enjoy our guides on Smudging and that you will try the experience of and the "Power of Smudging", if you are still in doubt then try something simple, like one of our many Smudging lncense sticks . . . lf you still need any further help just contact us.