Smudging and Cleansing

Many Indigenous cultures throughout the world have and still burn Herbs, Plants and Resins to accomplish Smudging and Cleansing rituals. Using Natural Scented Smoke to Purify the body, Cleans the Home, Workplace, or any Space, is a beautiful technique whether through traditional Smudging using a smudge stick, Palo Santo wood or burning Incense.

Smoke is a great tool for Cleansing Negative Energies Areas. When Smudging you burn Special Spiritual Plant Material and allow the smoke to fill, surround and purify the Environment or Person’s body. As the Smoke Ascends, our Wishes and Intentions rise and mingle into the Universe, connecting Heaven, Earth, and Humanity. From time to time, you should use an Incense stick or cone to cleanse your own aura, or once a month, you could burn Incense in your room (or entire house) to cleanse it from negative energies as an alternative to a Smudge Stick or Palo Santo wood.

In some cultures the smoke is taken into one's hands and rubbed over the body to blacken it. This is where the modern day practice got its name "SMUDGING ".  Blessings and Prayers for Protection, Purification are said whilst Cleansing. A ''Smudge Stick' is a bundle of mixed dried herbs, and plants or used on their own, the leaves are usually bound with string in a small bundle and dried. All herbs and plants used in a Smudge Stick have a strong, pleasant aroma when burnt. Palo Santo wood can also be used for Smudging and Cleansing.

Different ingredients

In North America, the three native herbs most commonly used for Smudging are White Sage, Cedar, Sweetgrass. Californian White Sage is probably the most common and popular herb for Smudging, it is associated with Purity and has a Strong and Heavy Presence making it useful for when you need a Major Space Cleansing.  Blended Smudge bundles can add variety to your Smudging, Cedar has long been used by Native Americans for Ceremonial and Medicinal Uses and is one of the herbs which can be used in a Smudge bundle, Sweetgrass is often braided and dried to create long strands which can be burnt.

In most Aboriginal traditions, a Sweat Lodge is used which is basically a tent or tepee are filled with smoke and heat, it is used as a building within which a sick person can be treated to aid many Physical and Mental conditions.

Today, Smudging has been adopted in some variant forms into several modern belief systems, including many forms of New Age and Eclectic Neopagan Spirituality , such as modern Wicca. In Ancient Rome, buildings called "Purgatoriums " were used for the Cleansing Rituals. These smoke and heat filled structures were considered sacred spaces in which the Spirits or Gods lifted Negative Entities and Energies from an individual without interference with others.

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We have also decided to help people to enjoy this Ceremony, so we have produced articles. 

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