Our Pets . . . & Useful Natural Scents


At Scented and more, we are committed to offer only the best Natural and Pure Merchandise in the form of Incense, Oils, Perfumes or Waxes.


If you are one of those people who keep your home well scented, or commonly use Fragrance Oils for Natural Therapies, and want to use those scents that do not disturb your furry companion, Keep Reading!

There are quite a few animals with an amazing Sense Of Smell that can make a difference between Life and Death for them.

They can sniff prey when they are miles away and even smell danger approaching and be able to run to safety.  Man, who ranks high up in the list of the smartest living thing on the planet, has quite an Inferior Sense Of Smell when compared to ANY Animal, however Wine Tasters or Perfumers may argue with this point. 

Animals with a keen sense of smell are mostly those who have a poor vision.!

As they cannot see well, they make up for their weakness by developing a heightened ability to smell. Animals may use SCENTS to proclaim their readiness to mate, to mark out territorial boundaries, to warn off Intruders and Predators or, in some cases, to Attract Prey.

As owners, we need to think more about how we clean our Environments, Pet Areas, Cars, and even Ourselves.     

Remember each time our pets give us “kisses”, they can pick up Any Small Particles of any Potential Dangerous and Toxic Products, we have been handling! Therefore Hand Washing after using such products, is the best practise.

Not all smells cause the same effect as each animal is different, they have their own tastes, THEREFORE a Trial is Always Advised.

We endeavour to provide Detailed, Accurate and Informative Articles to help others who may wish to Use Less Harmful Alternative Products in the future for themselves and their furry, feathered friends.

You can trust our products because we do and we have used Natural Alternatives to commercial products for years especially around our own pets ~ who lived well into old age. (12yrs & 16 yrs.) 

Scented and more offer ONLY Natural Incense, Wax products, Alcohol-Free Aroma Oils & Perfumes, so by using our products to help your own Emotions and maintain a Healthy Well-Being, your pet WILL also benefit PLUS they will never smell any Chemical Odours which could affect their health.