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" Scented and more . . ." - Performance on Google for October 2020


                 Congrats, Scented and more . . . has a 5 star rating on Google

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9/3/21 ~ Received my insence cones this morning, I'm over the moon with them, the best by far. I won't be buying anywhere else from now on. Thank you for my free samples very lovely of you. Look forward to making my next purchase. ~ Kellymarie 

17/12/20 ~ Perfect response— replacement oil burner exactly as advertised and delivered in two days . Thank you.  Five stars ~ From new customer - David x

3/12/20 ~ Dear Barbara, I  received the house today, Thank you for the free cones, when buying cones you don’t know how others will smell when buying online but the last ones you sent smell lovely, I will recommend the recipients of the coneburner houses to purchase replacement cones from you. Thank you once again for going above and beyond, in making my transaction a pleasing one. I wish you continued success with your business. from Stella xx

7/11/20~Mark recommends Scented and more via twitter ~ Great products and very knowledgeable people as well as polite.


~*~ "I now never use any other form of Air Freshener, this incense not only fragrances my rooms but they also help me sleep and relax, nothing else comes close plus we are now great friends, something you don't get with other retailers."

love to you both, Pauline xx                         


~*~ "Despite having used the same brand for years - when I heard what went into it, well its NOT worth the risk to my family and our pets, especially when there are much more Pleasant Incense available, which are Chemical-  free!  I'm so glad to have found Scented and more's stall at my local market - better late than never."

Meg x

~*~ "Om Dragons Blood ~ This delicious fragrance is almost intoxicating and    one of the best. These Incense Sticks instantly filled my living room with an uplifting aroma. Many thanks guys."  M. xx


~*~ "Thank you for your excellent service . Everything I have bought I've loved, the quality is first class and I would recommend you.  Thank You for the useful information too." 

Love May xx


~*~ "I will definitely be ordering from you again, and I'm going to be telling my friends about you.  I can honestly say your company has the best quality customer service,and I am more than happy to feature on your Testimonials Page." Keep up the good work,

Many thanks, David .x

~ * ~  Hello Barbara. Thank you for your helpful email. I have tried to place an order and hope you can help me.

Regards, Jan x  


~*~ Barbara, Thank you again,  Ps. Love the writing style of your website. It’s a warm and friendly site ! 

Regards, Pammy x

~*~ “ Now I have found some natural great smelling Incense which doesn’t give me a headache, I never use any traditional Air fresheners. I even use them outside on a warm summer evening to keep bugs away without burning poor wax candles . . . ” Namaste, Johnny xx                                              


~*~ “Great stall, amazing prices and some useful advice from Barbara and Brian, I can only recommend that you visit them at one of their next events – they have great products which are outstanding . . ."  Ryan. x


~*~ “Since I discovered Scented and more, I can't stop shopping with them, they have everything I need for my meditation and relaxation practises and when I’m not sure what to choose – Barbara will help me with impartial advice . . .”  You are a great independent trader, love Jan. xx :)

"I had never heard of Palo Santo till I saw it at Barbara’s stall at Levenshulme Market, but now I regularly buy several boxes of Green Tree cones from her at once and will during the winter when she is not at the market, I will use her website. Her knowledge about this wood and its uses is amazing, I’m so glad I found it and Barbara as they have both changed my life and wellbeing"

– Thanks hunny, Alison x


~*~  Hello ***** , I have had a look and it would appear you are trying to order more products than we currently have in stock and apologise for that. As soon as more stock comes in we will send you an email so you can re-order.

Regards always, Barbara. from Scented and more X


~*~ “if  Inferior Incense can give off black smoke, what can it do to your lungs? ... I am so glad you wrote your article and warned me." 

Sally. x

These comments are genuine and full permission has been sort from each customer to use their words.

Namaste x