Our Brands are Our Friends

These “ family based companies” use the same methods of Production today, as they did when the  company was started many years ago, and as with many Fragrance Manufactures, their Unique Recipes are a closely guarded secret although especially with Masala Incense, we do have some insight. We know these products offered a Healthier Alternative for People, our Pets, and the Environment.   We continue to research to find out  more of  these “little treasures” to introduce them to our friends who have also found them to be Enjoyable and Beneficial.   

This information has been gained by Hands-on, One on One experience with most of our Brands when we spent a month in India visiting their Head Office & Factory facilities in Mumbai, Bangalore & Mysore. This time with our Friends was not only awesome because of the environment but well worth the familiarity to gain more knowledge and a greater understand of the good & poor procedures practised by both our Brands but also other Brands which are more familiar to product users BUT may be unaware of the toxins etc used in their production!

N. Ranga Rao & Sons Pvt. Ltd

Cycle Pure Agarbathies is the largest part of this manufacturer in Mysore, India. ‘Cycle Pure Agarbathies’, began as “Mysore Products and General Trading Company” in 1948. Sri. N.Ranga Rao, the group’s founder(pictured left) put the humble Agarbatti on the commercial map of India.  The journey has seen the brand grow from a fledgling cottage industry to a global enterprise and has established itself as a major Incense product exporter.

The family enterprise is now seeing its third generation overseeing the business as CEOs, most of whom have returned to head the group companies after management degrees from US universities. Over the last six decades, the group has diversified into 6 sectors and in each, it has carved a name for itself.

 Like all our brands, Cycle products are Natural, Eco-Friendly, containing No Animals by-products and are just Wonderful.  They are constantly working towards creating User, Eco-Friendly Packaging material in partnership with Premier Packaging institutes in India and abroad.  It is seems easy to come up with a perfume in liquid form, but to create the same scent in solid form for Incense sticks, cones, etc, is a Skilful Art to ensure that the perfume does not lose its identity, even at 100C so they are continuously working on discovering new fragrances.  Cycle Pure Agarbathies mainly create a variety of Incense that suit all Lifestyles and Environments. As well as being a producer of Outstanding Products who have a great number of certificates for Creativity, Excellence in Exports and Cycle Pure Agarbathies is now a CERTIFIED CARBON NEUTRAL® COMPANY.

During our visit to their Head Office in Mysore, India, we were looked after extremely well and we able to see enjoy their facilities plus escorted tours of Mysore. After our visit in India, we now regularly communicate with them by email to keep up to date with all events in India. Thanks to 'Nanda'(head of HR) and 'Rajesh'(Overseas Marketing Manager ~ Mr Rajesh and us ~ see main photo above) & our friends, Ranga Rao group operates the ‘NR Foundation’ which is a Non-Profit Charitable Trust for Social Enrichment Activities for Disabled & visually challenged girls in Karnataka, Mysore. 

They also focuses on promotion of health and education of women and children in selected slums of Mysore, through learning centres,  Plus the ‘Cycle Scholarship program’ offer financial assistance, annually to about 600 students in Mysore and Hyderabad.

NOT JUST A Brilliant Fragrance Manufacturer BUT THEY ALSO Give Back To The Community in India.


Balaji Agarbatti Company is a proud family owned business based in Bangalore, India. Its history dates to early 1920’s as Sri Srinivasa Agarbatti Company in a small village – Chintamani near Bangalore.  Their Incense is still made in the same way since conception. They are one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of Incense Sticks for the  Indian market and is also a Premier Exporter of high-quality Agarbatti Incense and Dhoop sticks.

We currently sell ‘Balaji Red incense sticks’ that has a Smoothing Fragrance and creates a mood of Sensitivity, bringing Tranquillity and Concentration Of Mind.  It is traditionally used for prayer.  A UNIQUE aspect to this Incense is RED, it has a RED BAMBOO STICK and RED INCENSE POWER, but unfortunately it does not burn with a RED SMOKE!

After our visit to India, we plan to introduce some more lines from Balaji but they are difficult to source from UK wholesalers but we intend to continue to communicate with them and solve this issue as soon as possible.


This company run their factory in Bangalore using - to quote "famous Herbs, Resinoids, Sandalwood, and other best-quality Indian perfumes". By blending ancient expertise with modern techniques, BIC has perfected the art of making Incense for a variety of moods and as the popularity of their Incense grows everywhere, BIC is ideally positioned to become synonymous with Incense. Their facility in Bangalore is not flashy but they still manage to make the Indian’s famous “Dhoop stick”.

 Together with the traditional Indian Incense, which is a little black due to the high charcoal content that the western market are used to seeing, at Scented and more we prefer to sell more Natural style Incense BUT we have found a product which has come to be one of our best sellers, Panchavati Dhoop sticks , I'd describe as a fragrance that is a very potent Musky Lotus, with overtones of Red Sandalwood.

Dhoop sticks are solid sticks of Incense, without the central bamboo or wooden core, so they offer a purer fragrance than normal incense sticks. Dhoop sticks are Calming, Soothing, Traditional Incense that has been an integral part of Indian heritage. Researchers have discovered Positive effects of fragrances on the human mind and behaviour and the findings have revealed that perfumes simulate Memories, Calm Nerves and improve overall Wellbeing.

Bombay lncense Company

A TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE. The supplier of this Incense is based on the outskirts of Mumbai, India. Their mission is to produce Quality Natural fragrance products that bring joy to their customers. They operate as a Fair Trade Business and employ up to 25 people.   

All the Incense they make is done using a traditional method dating back over years, using only the finest ingredients to create Superior Fragrances. From humble beginnings in 1978, the range ‘Nitiraj’ was formed to introduce one of the first quality Traditional Incenses in the UK market which were made from scratch using Natural plant based ingredients.

Now the product lines have expanded and stretch across the globe, bringing you Affordable, Quality and Unique Natural Incenses from Scented and more.  Their passion for this craft and the happiness it brings to their family of customers, spur them to continuously strive and innovate to produce the finest Incense products on the planet.  

Their ‘Om’ incense range use HONEY as the adhesive which holds the Incense to the Bamboo Stick!!”  . . .   PLUS this Incense burns for 1 HOUR ~ believe it, we’ve tried it . . .

Established in London since 1979 and in the USA since 1991, their mission has been to bring only the Finest Incenses to UK, Europe, and North America but they use another company to produce their products, which is not a strange arrangement and can ensure new start-up companies get a hold in the Fragrance Market while they establish their own brand.  We know of only one other Incense Producer who uses Honey as the Adhesive in production but as yet we have not been able to find it yet SO this makes their products UNIQUE as well as being difficult to find on the high street!!

Their producing company is “Fair Trade Incense Works”, they manufacture ALL the ranges sold under the Bombay Incense Company banner so work very closely together to ensure the Recipes, Production Methods, and Packaging Design. Bombay Incense Company feel it’s important to work with their producer, who use mostly cottage industries to ensure they continue to make excellent products, pay their workers a fair wage and provide a good working environment. Although we did not get to meet anyone from the Bombay Incense Company whilst in India, we do have a close connection with the UK distributor which is great for feedback etc.


Bombay lncense Company ~ Nitiraj Range

These products are made completely from Natural products and are arguably one of the Best Incenses available, with amazing Natural fragrances.

We are proud to offer a NEW range so You Can enjoy Even More Affordable, Quality and Unique Natural Incenses. In 1978, the range ‘Nitiraj’ was formed to be one of the First Quality Traditional Incenses in the UK market, AND like most of the Incense offered by Scented and more, this range is not as familiar as other Incense Brands, BUT UNLIKE most Commonly bought Incense, many of which are toxic, this produced using ONLY Natural plant based Ingredients to create one of the “Finest Incense Products On The Planet”.

NITIRAJ ORIGINAL refers to the classic Incense fragrance offered since the late 1970s. The very first product produced by them and is still one of most popular fragrances, it comes in this distinctive Silver And Blue Box.  This Natural Incense can be used as a popular Room Scent or as a Space Clearing, Protection, Relaxation, Healing during Stress and Anxiety periods in our lives. This Incense is an Outstanding Tool to aid Meditation, & Aromatherapy practise  to help ‘breathe’ some Fresh Energy into your home or work space, to Unwind, or as part of your Yoga Ritual to help you Relax. In the same way that we associate certain sounds or places with Relaxation, we can also associate certain Scents And Smells with Mental Health Self-Care also it is very popular with Yoga, Meditation and Feng Shui practitioners, and it is also a favourite with Spas Operators. 

Nitiraj Platinum Range is blended from entirely Natural and Sustainable Ingredients for a Pure, Slow-Burning Incense stick that really brings together over 40 years’ experience and is the clearly where Nature, Beauty and Fine Fragrances come together. The quality Incense is made in the traditional method of combining Natural Resins, Herbs and Aromatic Oils combined with Honey to produce fragrances that Smell Divine and Burn VERY SLOWLY (1 hour per sticks). You will appreciate these Distinctive Qualities which can be used to Dispel Negativity, Aide Meditation and Attract Good Luck. 

We believe that you will agree with us, these New scents are Superb and Refreshing.       

Nitiraj Incenses are hand rolled in India from a 'masala' blend of the finest natural ingredients including Natural Oils, Resins, Gums, Balsam, Aromatic Oils & Herbs, Spices, Honey and Sandalwood powder. These Natural ingredients combine to produce a smooth, slow burning Incense ideally suited for Meditation, Yoga, and Relaxation. This unchanged Nitiraj recipe has proved itself to be one of Europe's most popular line of Holistic Natural Incenses, recommended by top Yoga and Meditation instructors for over 25 years.

~~ Nitiraj Original Oil ~~  refers to the classic Incense fragrance developed by Nitiraj and offered since the late 1970s. It endures as a reliable choice for Meditation, Yoga, Aromatherapy and as a popular Room Scent. Made In India using the same Natural Resins, Herbs, Aromatic Oils, and Honey as per the Incense of the same name.

Goloka is well known for its products. It manufactures & exports Indian Incense sticks, but they are also “A Non-Profit Charitable Organisation” which returns all profits, from the sale of their products, back to India, where  it is used by the Charity to educate the women in the Art of Incense making, which is bought back by the charity so providing the women with an income, they feed the poorer children of Bangalore and  provide scholarships to help older children gain a better education. Our visit to see this organisation in Bangalore, India was so special and they really went the extra mile to accommodate us and we spent some time in their Krishna Temple where we had lunch as per all the worshipers, saw the “Dinner Kitchens” where they feed thousands of children daily and we were honoured to see their business during our personal tour of their factory and warehouses, we grew to appreciate the True Culture, Lifestyle and soak up the Special World in India. Wow!

Scented and more . . .  are extremely proud and pleased to be able to offer such an Outstanding and Remarkable Incense Product, in both Sticks and Cones, its power is warming, subtle, uplifting and  grounding ~ All at the Same Time! We have never seen products which look obviously ‘Hand Rolled’ in an Organic and  Rich Incense Powder, well produced, and this is only part of this products character. We never sell any product without it going through a trial, only then will we offer them to you.

NOT JUST A Brilliant Fragrance Manufacturer BUT THEY ALSO Give Back To The Community in India.

Green Tree Candle Company

We buy direct from the company’s European base in Rotterdam and run by the sons of the owner, who controls production in Bangalore, they are one of the largest Incense distributors in Europe, who can provide the full range of Incense, Aroma Oils and other products produced by the Green Tree family based Company.  

Our visits to see them in Rotterdam have been brilliant, satisfying, and interesting. This is one of the closest links we have with all our brands so our knowledge of the Methods, Recipes, and Techniques is invaluable to keep our customers informed as well as being Unique in the retail trade, we have found this to be a real asset. We are proud and privileged to call this team of Professionals our friends.

Some of the Incense products we acquire from Green Tree, is complemented with a range of Aroma Oils which we consider to be just like “Incense in a bottle” and we have grouped a number of them together to form a Smudge Range such as our best-selling Californian White Sage and Palo Santo all  lines can be found on our website and are fully detailed.

Their Scent is so different, earthy, and rich but it is even better whilst its burning ~ in fact this product is the best Incense I have found to aid my sleep, so I am proof that what we say is true ~ We never sell any product without it going through a trial, only then will we offer them to you.        

Hari Darshan Sevashram Pvt. Ltd.

This Company is one of the largest manufacturers of Spirituals Aromatherapy Products, Fragrances, and other related products. Hari Darshan has been inherited by four generations who have an art of blending fragrances, and the science of making use of the best ingredients plus they are passionate about their business. This family business began in the late eighteenth century and was made into a privately-held limited company in 1980 with co-operation between the Traditional Art of making Fragrances & Incense, and the modern manufacturing techniques of Packaging.

They have become of the largest manufacturers of incense products, and specialist products like Incense Paste with 11 production units across the country and over 1000-strong team. They have a qualified Research team in the organization, a dedicated team headed by Mr. Pankaj, a qualified perfumer, and Ms. Pooja, a qualified aroma therapist & products developer. They work closely with some of the Best Fragrances and Ingredients Suppliers in the world and have an Extensive Knowledge, and Technology Sharing and Transfer Of Programmes with an in-house Creative team that specializes in the development of new Designs and Packaging concepts.

 Hari Darshan products are truly awesome and creates an enchanting and blissful environment for our puja(prayer).

I would definitely recommend any products by Hari Darshan products especially the Noor as Oud is an amazing scent & Tribal Soul ranges as it keeps Negative Energies away and Purifiers The Atmosphere.

New Moon Aromas

A great brand in the Premium Masala Fragrance Industry exclusively distributed by Wonder Incense in New Zealand and we naturally follow the development of new fragrances and lines so that Scented and more can offer our customers a brilliant brand which will only grow and grow and we hope to introduce new lines when avaliable.

As with all our brands, this Incense provider uses only the finest and most Natural Ingredients plus they use only the Best Traditional Methods of Production.  Scented and more are proud to offer our customers this brand that Not only produces some of the most Unique fragrances within their excellent Incense but their work ethic and belief matches our own - We will only offer Natural, Pure, and Quality products containing Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Ingredients, which we sell at Affordable prices.

At Scented and more, we are proud to offer a selection of Outstanding fragrances and as like Bombay Incense Company, these producers use outside sourcing to produce their products and as a  little known Company, they obviously wish to set their own guide lines and we consider that they have made a good start and we hope to continue this practise so as to progress with their business in the future.

This Brand and their products have been a real find for us and our customers.



This company was the first we chose to sell and it is still a firm favourite. The meaning of the name Nandita is " Cheerful ", and that is what you get when you burn this Incense.

Founded by Sri.K.Y.Acharya (1928-2010) who came from a small village in Udupi, Karnataka moved to Bombay (Mumbai) at the age of 15 with an aim to do business. After decades of hard work, he single handily created an Incense Empire which today, exports to more than 40 countries.  Nandita Fragrances is today, one of the leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Quality Agarbathis Incense sticks, Incense cones, Dhoop sticks, Dhoop powder, Perfumed Candles and Oils.    

 These Incense Sticks are Pure & Natural Masala Premium products, which are Hand-Rolled, using Finest Natural Ingredients. They contain NO ANIMAL PRODUCT or TOXIC MATERIALS, making this Incense Safe and provides a Natural Experience. NO Nandita Products contain Restricted Forest Produce or any species of  Wild Fauna and Flora which are listed with International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna & Flora.

We wanted to share these new “Life Changing “products with more people, and now have a growing number of  Customers and New Friends who are enjoying our Scented and more products, and now they NEVER use anything else!   Nandita Fragrances is today, one of the leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Quality Agarbathis Incense sticks, as we found in their premises in Mumbai, India.


Parimal Mandir

The company which began as “Gandhi Flour Mills & Perfumery Works” in 1942, Parimal Mandir now leads the market in Quality Agarbatti Incense.  The values and ideals of Quality, Brand Value, and Packaging & Unconventional Product Design are held as tight today by the organization, an industry-leading manufacturer of High Quality Incense with its merchandise across 45 countries worldwide. Their Incense Products are prepared in the traditional way ~ “Hand Crafted”.  Their raw materials are sourced from a Committed and Established Supply Lines and Reliable Suppliers and they have developed processes which have stood the test of time and are constantly Fine-Tuned.

They now have their own Integrated Printing and Packaging Division which is one of top-of-line in the Industry in Bangalore, where their employees are passionately involved at every stage of the production  including Monitoring and Quality Auditing.  The Company are deeply committed to Conserving the Environment; their entire production cycle is Environment Friendly and based on Natural Products, so their Production and Manufacturing Properties generate No Polluting Effluents whatsoever and there are No Hazardous Processes in their manufacturing cycle, they have also pioneered New Branding Techniques in the Agarbatti industry.

Whilst in India we managed to meet 2 members who look after different ranges of this family organised business. Scented and more are extremely pleased and proud to be able to offer such Outstanding and Remarkable Incense Products. “Yatra Incense is A- MA- ZING” as said by a local Follower of ‘Krishna’, and it is so Special, I use it each night, well, we don’t need to say anymore - Just try it for yourself and with the Huge Success of “Yatra”, our first Agarbatti Incense in both Stick and Cones from this  Eco-Friendly and Spiritual Manufacture, we hope to source other products which we saw during our Positive and Productive visit to their head office in Bangalore, India, and so we stay in touch with them to keep up to date with product developments.  

Let their wonderful scent captivate your mind - "Every Prayer is Answered" is their motto.       


Established in the 1960s, Padmini is a company that has been redefining the ancient art of  Incense crafting.  

Padmini Products are a unique combination of old fashioned values and new horizons, traditional culture, and modern technologies. Over the past six decades, Padmini has come to be known as one of the best Agarbatti brands in India. With years of training from some of the best institutes of perfumery, their veteran perfumers have combined the legacy of centuries’ old tradition with modern technology to create a range of authentic fragrances and high-quality ingredients.

The result is a unique harmony of supreme aromas, that lifts your spirits and arouses the finer senses, representing an authentic fragrance leaving you with a sense of calm and freshness at any time of the day.

At Scented and more, we sell Padmini Dhoop Sticks which have a beautifully soft, exotic fragrance that lingers to create a reflective atmosphere. Padmini creates a pure soothing fragrance, and these fine dhoop sticks are the perfect way to refresh your spirit and your home with restful, heavenly fragrance that lingers to create a calm, reflective atmosphere.

Since early times, incense sticks or ‘Agarbatti’ have been an integral part of Indian traditions. Considered a symbol of the Transformative Power of Fire, Agarbathis form an important part of almost all rituals.

Padmini Dhoop Sticks have been captivating users for decades with their complex and deeply Spiritual Fragrances.  A signature fragrance, Padmini Dhoop burns to give a rich fragrance with depth.

A combination of Sweet and Spicy notes, this Dhoop stick can suffuse your home with its heavenly fragrance. Sandalwood has been used in India for centuries for its sweet-smelling fragrance that is both Tenacious and Diffusive. It is also used in Aromatherapy for its soothing and Fresh Fragrance. 

Dhoop Incense from Padmini fills your home with the Authentic fragrance of Sandalwood.


We are planning to add more Brands providing even more Fantastic Aromatic, Unusual Incense which will, of course, fit Our Profile of

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