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For centuries, Incense has been as part of  Roman Catholic traditions as well as religious celebrations of the Eastern Orthodox Church. The ancient Egyptians in 1500 BCE used several  products like Incense, Oils and Resins for religious purposes and of course, they have also been used in standard practices and rituals of Eastern religions including Hinduism, Taoism, and Buddhism. Nowadays, many products tend to be used in Aromatherapy and it’s not uncommon different scented items to be burned in our homes for the sole purpose of creating a pleasant smell.

However, many people still advocate against using Incense for health reasons and we have addressed this subject in our articles. Traditionally, these scented products are derived from plant extracts and certain resins and used are also effective in other ways, for example, repelling insects or providing health benefits.

Research has found that inhaling certain remedies as Incense smoke can ensure rapid delivery of the beneficial properties to your brain. This alternative  treatment allows efficient absorption of medicines and is often much cheaper price than the medicine alone, for instance research has also proven that burning Frankincense has had a positive effects for those suffering from depression.  

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Many of the products we sell have been used for a variety of reasons such as Spiritual, Relaxation, Meditation or as a Sleep Aid and as a Creativity Aid thought to enhance your brain function as well as Medicinal Purposes and Air Purification. At Scented and more, we think you will be able  to make better choices and selections of any of our products IF you know and understand how they are made, what REAL ingredients go into their recipes, their Benefits and Properties and much more . . .

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