BUG OFF Don’t suffer from “Bugs” who trying to spoil your BBQ . . . Use ClTRONELLA as an lncense or Tealight to keep them away . . .


Citronella has a rich history on in Asia where it has been used for over 2,000 years in Religious Ceremonies and to make Perfume. In many Ancient Cultures the leaves have also been traditionally used for their Aromatic and Medicinal properties such as to Reduce Fevers, and for Digestive Issues.

Where does the scent come from?

Citronella is a zesty herb from the same family as Lemongrass and is the most famous plant for its Insect Repelling abilities which is avaliable as many different products such Essential oil, Incense sticks and cones, Tea Lights and Candles. Citronella products work because they contain Volatile Oils that Irritate Mosquitoes and other Bugs, making it perfect for evenings in the garden where Citronella will keep those pesky bugs at bay whilst surrounding you with a delightful Citrus Aroma.

Properties and Benefits

Citronella has a naturally Uplifting and Cheerful Smell, plus it is also both Soothing and Relaxing.  It works on the Nervous System, which is the system that plays a vital role in nearly every aspect of our Health and Well-Being, so Citronella can provide you with Natural Stress Relief.  Mixing Citronella with other bug battling fragrances, such as Lemon, Eucalyptus, or Lemongrass, can be used to Eliminate Bad Odours, Get Rid Of Bugs and Insects, plus it can be used in any room either Inside or Outdoors.

Natural lncense Sticks That Are Eco-Friendly.

Discover our huge range of Natural Incense Sticks that are Ethically and Sustainably Handcrafted with 100% Natural, Vegan, Eco-Friendly Ingredients, and Pure Essential Oils. The packaging is Eco-Friendly & Recycled by the Manufacturers.  All our Natural Incense Sticks are 100% CHEMICAL FREE, and Free from Synthetic Fragrances and Carcinogens!

High Quality Tealights from Price's Candles.

  • Natural bug repellent
  • Made with real citronella oil
  • Releases a sweet citrus scent
  • Made by the best Candles producer since Victorian Times.

Keep unwanted bugs at bay on your picnics, camping trips, and evenings in the garden with our wonderful Citronella Tea Lights, which are made with Real Citronella Oil, these fantastic candles will Repel Mosquitoes and Other Flying Insects whilst releasing a Soothing, Irresistible Scent.


We also have an outstanding Natural Oil from Goloka, a company whom we visited in India 2019, they have created an amazing product. Deodorize Your Home Aromatically without Chemical and CFC’s.  This oil has a sweet and refreshing aroma, with a characteristic grassy, woody, and lemony scent. A Pure Aroma Oil that offers a Pleasingly Sweet & Soothing aroma, plus it is an Effective Antidepressant & Mood Lifter.

Happy Customers

  • Great for the summer when in the garden. Certainly keeps those pesky mosquitos at bay!
  • I will try the Oil next time.

lncense Saves the day

  • Love this scent. The cones are a little more aromatic but the sticks burn longer. Great value.
  • The Goloka Oil is brilliant and it too works to keep me happy

Light up your BBQ

  • Keeps the mosquitoes away without a doubt.           I would recommend. I also bought citronella tea lights to go with the Incense Cones.


Citronella Essential Oil can also be used (well diluted with either Olive or Coconut Carrier Oils), for Dogs – not only to keep fleas and ticks at bay (use Oil in bath or rub directly onto fur), as well as in Incense and Tealights form when it can also help to reduce Separation Anxiety and Constant Barking.