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Accessories are an important detail to consider when buying your Incense products. 

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Decorative accessories  in the home are special and give your house and home a personal and personal  touch as well as being practical so choosing the right Accessory is, we feel, as important as selecting the right scent. 

All our Accessories have been carefully chosen, so you can safely enjoy our Beautiful and Aromatic products whilst adding a bit of ‘something different’ to your home or work place.

At Scented and more . . .  we feel everyone needs a place of "Peace and Harmony"are as important as a "Place to Create a Positive, Calm, and Relaxing Atmosphere,"  and somewhere to "Escape from the Burdens of Everyday Life."

We have looked far and wide for just the ' right accessories'  for the ' right products' and as our slogan says, 


We often hear people comment " That's Different . . . "  or " I've not seen that style before . . .".  ~ then we know we've got it right . . .


Products In This Category:

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 Smoke Towers Incense holder can be used for both sticks and cones, so whether you are an experienced user of Scented Products or just a beginner, we have something for everyone.

It is an ideal opportunity, when making a new purchase to think about investing in a new accessory at the same time.

When finished and the Incense ash or smudge product is cold, simply take the box to a bin, open it gently so as not to disturb the ash too much then empty the contents into the bin and you are ready to use it again and again and again.

 Affordable, Quality and Unique . . .

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