DlD YOU KNOW . . . ? Himalayan Rock ~ Natural & Organic

Did You Know . . . ?

* Himalayan Salt Rock contains over 84 Minerals and Trace Elements such as: Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Copper and Iron, which means Natural Salt is Crucial for maintaining vital functions in the body.

* It can be used as Bath Salts, Body Scrubs or Spa Applications to stimulate circulation, relax the body, lower blood pressure, soothes sore muscles and helps remove toxins from the body.

 * Rock Salt  ‘cleans’ the air by removing Unhealthy Positive Ions and replacing them with Healthy Negative Ions and help reduce Airborne Pollutants so Helping Asthma and Allergy Sufferers.

* Himalayan Salt Rocks are Pure, Unpolluted, and Without Environmental Impact which can be used for other Health promoting benefits such as A Salt Plate. This plate makes for an excellent Cooking and Serving Tool is perfect to Use on the Grill, Stovetop or even in the Fridge, it is Hygienic and Very Easy to Clean.

* Himalayan Rock Salts can help Animals Deficient in Salt such as livestock and horses receiving manufactured feed by using A Salt Lick to balance their diet and salt intake.

* Himalayan Pink Salt is believed to be the Purest Form of Salt available. The impact of Salt on human civilization dates to early recorded history where it was used for Trading, and as payment as salary, goods etc.

* There are Cheap and Illegal Imitations on sale, BUT at Scented and more, we sell Quality Himalayan Rock Salt which is sourced from Reputable Salt Mines where NO Child Labour is used in production.       All Quality Salt Lamps are Hand Mined and Handcrafted.

* Among the earliest structure built within Khewra salt mine is the small Badshahi Mosque, complete with a Small Salt Minaret, together with small salt versions of the Great Wall of China.  There is also a Narrow Gauge Electric Railway, which has been in place since the 1930s, and now brings tourists into the mine. There is a Fully Functioning Postal Office, for use by the workers, built entirely from Salt Bricks and is the only post office built out of Salt in the world.