Can we use lncense around our Pets ?

Not all lncense is like Our Natural Products.

Various types of lncense are made with Aromatic Plants, Oils and Resins that emit Pleasant Aromas when combusted or heated. Obviously, there are also Poor Quality lncense which are produced using Chemicals and emit Toxic Air Pollutants. These pollutants are not only harmful to People, but also to our Pets.

Things you may not know . . .

When burned, Poor Quality Incense can produce Volatile Organic Compounds such as Benzene, Formaldehyde, Butadiene and Styrene, along with Toxic Gases like Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide. These chemicals are harmful to both People and Pets but because the lungs of our Pets are More Sensitive to Environmental Pollutants than those of Humans, the Toxic Gases emitted from Poor Quality Incense may have a Greater Effect on them. 

Info is taken from several Animal Advice website articles published in the May 2013.

" Just a thought; Pet owners who use Cigarettes and other tobacco products know it contains Nicotine. E-cigarette liquid is used to recharge the cartridge for an e-cigarette and the liquid is flavoured making the product more appealing." --- This info can be found on several website articles ---

The amount of Nicotine in these bottles could easily kill our Pets if the contents were inhaled. Any Tobacco Product has the potential to cause Severe Vomiting, Depression, an Elevated Heart Rate, Decrease in Blood Pressure, Seizures, Respiratory Failure plus in severe cases, even Death in Humans AND OUR PETS BUT it can also harm Pets TOO, YET some People still consider it is ok to smoke around their Pets!!




Photos from our Indian visit - 2019

Therefore, when burning Incense inside your home, do it in a well-ventilated area, because Pets have a much more Sensitive Sense Of Smell than humans, it is also wise to keep any Incense out of your Pet's reach so that he doesn't accidentally ingest it, which may cause some tummy upset.

Natural lncense

Even if you have more than one pet and your house is smelling of them, you can use an Air Purifier such as Incense in your home as it is the Most Effective Way to remove smells and it lingers so it removes Odours for Longer. Natural Incense gives you the possibility of maintaining Animal Wellbeing due to the different scents avaliable from Incense which can benefit our Pets in a similar way to Humans, helping Relaxation, Sleep, Anxiety as well as during Alternative Treatments such as Reiki.    

    So decide where in the house you wish to an Incense stick or cone, well out of reach of an animal or Children and in a secure burner for safety.  

Scented and more believe in using only the Best, Natural & Pure lncense, Oils, and our other products used to enhance any Environment by emitting scent.               Our own dogs lived till old age (12 & 16 yrs. Old) and lived around our lncense and other products ALL their lives.                    We would Never have exposed them to any Toxic, Chemical-Based or Poisonous products.

Barbara x