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 In response to a growing demand and feedback from our online customers, we have decided to introduce a New Range of 18 Scented Loose Incense Cones ~ our Best-Selling & Familiar fragrances plus a few “Different” ones.

LOOSE CONESThese Incense Cones are normally sold, at our Market/Event & Festival stall, as our Pick n Mix range but unfortunately on our website this concept is not practical but we are offering this New Online range of Incense Cones as a pre-packed bag of 10 Cones for £1.50.  As we offer this range as a Pick n Mix option on our stall, there is NO box packaging, instead we will process each order individually, then bag up each fragrant selection exclusively –therefore being eco-friendly.


The Fragrances we now offer with minimum packaging but with a Great Scent, Produced to a High Quality and as normal, “ We have tried the Rest (of Incense Brands on the market) SO you can BUY and  ENJOY ONLY the BEST ”  They offer a perfect scent and burn evenly as well as easily.


Just a sample of the fragrances on offer,

Aloe Vera ~ Helps with mental alertness and enhances the memory  

Rose ~ to make your Meditative and Spiritual Journey smooth

Dragons Blood ~ widely known as a powerful element against Negativity

Patchouli ~ perfect for Tranquil Relaxation and Entertaining

AND Sandalwood ~ it can also lower levels of anxiety and stress,

 and many more . . .



Products In This Category:

The brand, we have chosen to use as our loose Incense Cone range, still meets the standards & values  we’ve always held because it’s important to us, and to our customers.

           Picture1They believe in fresh handmade products and making them using only the purest, & highest quality vegetarian ingredients.  All Incense Cones are made by hand using Ethically Sourced Ingredients and where necessary source sustainable alternatives to natural products. so they know exactly what goes in them.



They are produced without exploitation of People or Planet, so you can be safe in the knowledge that all Incense Cones are Manufactured using traditional techniques and timeless recipes handed down through the generations. They produce a clean, smooth burning Incense that transports you to another world with soothing fragrances to suit your every mood or meditation.  


Picture3Essential oils are most potent and effective when freshly extracted from the plant or flower source. Environment – organic, sustainability, endangered species, production emissions onto land and water, , no Genetic Modification… Natural ingredients, plants, and essential oils have been used for hundreds of years because they have a proven history of effective, safe use and are much kinder for the environment. This Company’s Brand have been working with fresh ingredients for many years, giving them a great amount of experience of how to Formulate and Manufacture this range of Incense Cones with the minimum the use of Synthetics.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                              Picture4

Animal Protection – No animal testing of ingredients. Vegetarian ingredients only.  You can enjoy these products knowing they are produced without Exploitation of People or Planet. 


 Picture5They have many more people working in our factories than we have machines to produce Incenses that create local jobs. Their factories are happy places where they take pride in the products they make.

Other areas such as Workers’ rights – unions, Collective Bargaining, Health And Safety, Freedom To Leave, Fair Pay, Working Hours, Discrimination, & No Child Labour are also an important part of the Brand Company Ethics.



Their dedicated teams work are involved in all areas of production including finding solutions to problems, such as sourcing the finest Essential Oils and Absolutes, the Best Natural Raw Materials, Safe Synthetics, and the Company has a very strong commitment to the communities  and areas from which we buy our ingredients which are bought in a respectful way to safeguard the Environment and the Social impact as well as supporting Fair Trade and Community Trade initiatives. 


           WELLNESS               s356756976317554972_p512_i63_w1000                    Lotus with Om above          

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