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The aromas brings together all that is good on earth and thought to purify and restore balance to your Mind, Body and Spirit.

Use these Oils frequently to keep your home fresh and cleansed Spiritually to heal a stressful day or cleanse negativity from your home.

Fragrance your room with some lovely oil to provide an Uplifting sense of Wellbeing, with Highly concentrated fragrances, these Oils are designed to linger for ages. 


REMEMBER - Cheaper oils use a mixture of Alcohol and Synthetic Chemicals  BUT THEY WILL NEVER give you the same results as a Green Tree Oil !

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Green Tree is one of our popular Incense brands and now is available in Oils, Safe, Alcohol-Free, Non-Chemical and Non-Toxic, it is made using only Natural, Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Ingredients and Packaging.

If you like the Incense, then you will LOVE their Oils . . .

We believe it’s just like having 

"Incense in a bottle"!!

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